Sunday, August 16, 2009

Laughing at Leatherby's

I have to explain the background information for this video!! My sister--Julie Anna, Casey and I went to Leatherby's after we watched Star Trek. Casey and I shared the "Gretchen's Golden Nugget" because neither of us were super hungry. I seriously LOVE the caramel sauce from this restaurant--amazing!!! :) Well, after we finished, Casey randomly decided to grab his napkin and dunk it in his water cup and then smear it all over my mouth. He was being nostalgic with what his mother used to do to him. The only problem is that my face was not dirty. So I decided that I could do the same thing back to him. Unfortunately, according to the video, I am the guilty one because Julie had no idea he was going to attack me either and was unable to capture that on film. This video is a classic though because after listening to myself laugh, I begin to laugh again. And for the record, as this video is ending, Casey is saying "I Love You!" into my ear--it was mutual love....

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