Saturday, February 13, 2010

Christmas, moving and school...

Our first Christmas together was very enjoyable! During the holiday season, we went on Christmas rides and saw Santa and of course went to the temple. We even went downtown Salt Lake to see the lights on temple square a couple of times!!! Provo temple was closed for cleaning so we went up to Mount Timpanogos a couple of times. It is very beautiful! Christmas morning we were together in our tiny apartment and then traveled up to Salt Lake to be with our family and have two Christmas feasts! :D (I'm having difficulty with blogger right now trying to upload pictures. They will be included in the next blog post so I don't have to deal with text.)

We stayed up in Salt Lake with my parents for a few days. It was a nice vacation! We were able to enjoy the beautiful snow. Casey and his brother-in-law were able to fix both of our cars. My car needed a lot of work and I was so appreciative!!! :D

When we returned to our apartment in Provo, we began packing everything. Our landlord released us from our contract because there were so many problems. I think once she said it, she regretted it because she didn't think we would actually move. I honestly hate moving but it was so worth it!! We left our basement studio apartment. The entire room had our queen size bed, a two person love seat and a desk! The pantry was located under the bed and it was always interesting trying to find anything that I wanted to make... Our new apartment has to be at least 3 x bigger, if not 4! Our bedroom now alone is bigger than our entire other apartment. I love that we are able to invite friends over for dinner and have a place to have guests sit in the living room. Our new apartment is also nice because we were able to bring down Casey's desktop computer, our TV & Wii, rocking chair, couch, etc! The best part about our new apartment is that it is much cheaper. (Crazy that somewhere so much bigger and nicer would cost less!!!) We love it here and plan to stay for awhile!

Also, we have an interesting story to share with the TV! Provo has awful reception to pick up the free stations. We tried several different store bought antennas with no success. We did not really want to pay for cable but I was beginning to think that if we wanted to watch TV ever then we would have to. One day while I was at school, Casey built an antenna out of wire, a board and a cardboard box covered in aluminum foil!! It works great!! My husband is so smart! :D

Our new ward is also so very nice and welcoming. Our Bishop and his wife knew our name after asking us once. They both must be blessed in the name remembering activity but it is so nice to feel included! Casey and I also were called to serve as Sunday School teachers. We are very excited because we will be teaching together! :D Our ward is very active and I feel like callings were created just to give people callings. I kind of feel like this is true for us too because there are SO many SS teachers and we will probably only teach 1x month... but we are very excited for the opportunity!! :)

Other exciting news, Casey was accepted to UVU!!! He will begin school there this summer as a full-time student!! We feel blessed because everything is working out so well for our new family! Speaking of school, I began my last semester of classes at BYU! I will be student teaching fall semester! :D I am very excited! My classes are rather difficult this time--especially food science! I spend so much time studying and going to reviews for it... as long as I pass though all the time will be well worth it! I am also enjoying my Family Finance class a lot! It is good information!

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