Monday, February 15, 2010


Sitting on Santa's lap for our first Christmas together!

I *love* this ornament... we searched everywhere for it!

Christmas morning 2009 (Casey made the breakfast--he is so good to me!)

Touring temple square!! We were married here about one month prior to the picture being taken! :D

Some of our wall decorations in our new apartment! :D I have always wanted to have my three white dresses hanging on the wall! This is in our living room on the main wall. The quilt was made by my great grandmother.

This is another project that I have always dreamed of making. My aunt gave me the Living Christ frame for high school graduation. I wanted to make the Family Proclamation one since that time but had to wait until I was married. I just created the pattern myself for cutting out the pictures to fit the mat using a clear ruler!! This is on the opposite wall from my dresses, by the front door.

The antenna that my brilliant husband made. He researched online for ideas and patterns and then made it! It is GREAT to watch free tv! :D

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