Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Knowledge is Power"

Yesterday when I went to the testing center to take a food science quiz, I was blessed to find a parking spot really close to the testing center! :)  (It was parallel parking on a curve so it took a bit to figure out how to get the car to fit in the spot but luckily, I managed!)  Anyway, I entered the building through a door that I had never passed through before.  I wasn't even sure if the door would open because it had a key pad on it but it worked! :D  Well, I noticed this engraven above the door frame on both sides.
The writing says "knowledge is power."  I have thought about this phrase a lot since the time of taking my test.  I was thinking about how much meaning that represents on the outside of the testing center.  But then more than that, I was thinking about how this life is a testing center really and how knowledge really is power and a key to eternity.  I was also considering how even though I will finish with classes in 12 days (YEAH!!!) that I won't ever be finished with learning.
(By the way: my food science "quiz" [harder than normal classes tests] went really well and I was only in the testing center 25 minutes--record for this class!  This was also making me think about the knowledge is power phrase... because I was prepared and had studied and gained knowledge, I had power putting my pencil to the paper.) 


Carol said...

You made my curious about the quote "knowledge is power." I found it was stated originally by Francis Bacon in Meditationes Sacrae (1597).
Elder Orson F. Whitney used it in a talk on June 7, 1925.
The Heber J. Grant building, which contains the testing center, was also built and dedicated in 1925.

Casey said...

I love this quote too! I think that it goes well with the scripture in D&C 93 which says "The glory of God is intelligence" of course He is all-knowing which makes Him all-powerful. The earth was never completely without truth, even in the 16th century.