Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to make an Interior Design mat board...

This is the original paper I was given.  I traced the walls onto a different piece of paper.  Then Casey scanned it into my traced one into the computer to make the lines really straight.

Next was arranging the furniture.  I only took a picture of the final arrangement.  I had several different attempts of trying to get everything in the exact place.  This is all done on 1/4" scale.

This was my test paper to make sure the colors would blend the way I wanted to.  I had a hard time trying to get all of the colors to match because the actual color of my samples (will be seen in a few pictures) did not match any of my colored pencils.

I worked on this during general conference on Saturday.  We had to incorporate light and shadows from the windows.  I learned a lot about shadowing through hands on experiments with windows in our own house.

I finished coloring!! Yeah!  Some interesting tibits about this is (1) the bed spread is actually the one on our bed right now.  Except ours is all brown/ tan.  I just traded one of the brown stripes for blue.  (2)  We were encouraged to have one personal item in the rendering--like a bowl of fruit or something.  I chose the Salt Lake Temple Statue (remember you are looking at it from above).  (3) The entire color scheme was designed around the chair in the living room with brown and blue circles.

Trying to figure out how to space things on the mat board.  The two brown squares at the bottom would be my fabric samples.  I didn't know how to attach them yet and I was trying to figure out their sizing.

Oh man... this was a nightmare!  I had no idea how to get the fabric samples to stick to the mat board.  I tried Elmer's glue and it didn't work so well.  It became a sticky, wet mess.  I'm pretty sure there was more glue on my fingers than the fabric.
That method was obviously not going to work.  So I switched to double stick tape and also regular tape on the back.

My board is ALL done!  As you can see, I changed the arrangement slightly from my first idea.  25% of my grade was on arrangement so I kept playing with it until I liked the spacing.  Another 25% of the grade was on everything staying on the board.  I ended up using carpet tape to hold the samples to the mat board.  It worked really well but I sacrificed a pair of scissors in the process.

I earned 96% on this project!! :)  I was so excited because I worked so hard!  I will for sure be getting an A in my second interior design class!  YEAH!!!


Trevor said...

girly! It looks GREAT!!!
written by
-Trevors wife-

Jessica and Trent said...

I am impressed! It look so good! Great job :)

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

awesome job! what other interior design class are you taking? is this not 202?

Anonymous said...

Good one! Nice selection of carpets...