Sunday, May 30, 2010

a new project idea

So I was thinking back to my childhood and was remembering how much I loved playing with my mom's quiet book at church (I think it might have been only used at stake conference.) but I have decided that I want to make one of those so someday in the future when we have kids, we can take along the book to entertain them at church.  I have looked various ideas and patterns up online and there are so many options... felt, muslim, pellon, etc pages; felt cutouts, crayons, cards, figurines, etc.  It will be fun to work on this slowly (and come up with lots of patterns... I figure it can't be too hard to take an idea for a page and turn it into one!)  My book is going to be religious themed and instead of just tying shoes--it will be like missionary shoes or instead of just unzipping a zipper--it will be unzipping the whale's mouth or parting the red sea....  If anyone has great ideas for pages or even what works best as the page material, I would love to hear your comments!
(Please note:  I doubt my book will look like this... but it was a good visual idea!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a perfect combo

Last week when I was up visiting, my mom bought me a few items from Costco.  One of them included...
(pita chips)
These tasty snacks are delightful by themselves though I have found that they don't cure my salt craving--odd because it is a baked pita and sea salt, thats it.  Anyway, tonight for dinner I made...
(spinach cheese dip)
And let me just say that these two make the perfect combo!  They go together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, moon and stars, toothbrush and toothpaste... you get the idea.
I googled to find a recipe online for the spinach dip, looked at several and finally picked one that we had all of the ingredients for (always a good thing!) and it turned out really well and made a huge dish.  It is a good thing we both like it because we will be eating this for awhile.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Celebrating the first 6 months of Eternity

Casey planned a surprise date to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary.  I was so excited for the surprise part because I don't think I have ever been on completely surprise date.  When Casey left for school, he gave me a few instructions.  They were (1) wear a purple dress--meaning that he was wearing his purple tie that we bought on our honeymoon and he wanted to match, (2) bring the temple bags with me--this was an obvious clue as to what we would be doing.  Sidenote: going to the temple is definitely on my top favorite list for activities to do with Casey. (3) pick him up after his classes ended and (4) we would not be home until late.

So to begin our date, we headed up to Salt Lake and were able to go back inside the Salt Lake Temple!  Neither of us had been inside that temple since the day we were married so it was awesome to be able to go back! :)  While we were still in the temple, Casey and I were able to sit and ponder on the same couch that we waited before we were married.  It was definitely a sweet moment!

Our next place in the surprise date was to take pictures outside of the temple.  It was raining a lot this day but we lucked out that it was not down pour raining while we were taking pictures.  Most of the ones we took were not that great because Casey had to hold the camera because there were very few passerbyers with grey skies.

Our next adventure was to eat dinner at the Garden.  We have a perfect window seat and it was nice to be able to stare at the temple or Casey's eyes practically the entire dinner.  I had an Asian salad of some sorts and it was absolutely delicious but so incredibly huge!!  Casey ended up eating part of mine because we knew that we would not have anything to do with our leftovers.  At this point, I didn't know what we were doing after diner but simply that we were doing something that would not allow us to take food in with us.  Casey had shrimp and mahi-mahi.  It was also delightful but had a bit of strong kick to it.  Casey likes food spicier than I do and he loved it.
While we were eating diner, our waiter asked us what else we were going to be doing this evening.  Casey then spilled the beans and announced that we had tickets reserved to go to the Conference Center Little Theater and watch the BYU Young Ambassadors.  I was really excited because I don't remember ever watching them perform before but have heard quite a lot about them.  I did think it was slightly funny that we are from Provo and travel up to Salt Lake to watch a BYU production.  It was a great show and we had really good seats--I was on the edge of the lower/ slanted balcony and a head-free view.

By the time we got home, it was after 11 pm and we were both completely exhausted.  I was eager for Casey to open the door and see the surprise that I had left him.  He had no idea that I had done anything but was very much appreciative once he saw it.  On the floor with Hershey Hugs (we both love white chocolate!) I made a love trail...
It led to our bedroom and waiting in front of Casey's pillow was...
One of his favorite cereals and a cute card that took me a very LONG time to make on the computer.

We both had such a wonderful day and are so deeply grateful to be married for forever.  It really is the greatest blessing knowing that we are married not only for this life but sealed for all of the eternities to come!

Monday, May 17, 2010

loves the word FREE

I have had a wonderful day with FREE items... including:

*free dryers (which means clothes that actually came out of the dryer DRY!)
*free photo book (it took forever to make but it is now being mailed to us... even the shipping was free and I'm excited to see the paper copy!)
*free coupon for macaroni-n-cheese came in the mail (this is the expensive explosion type)
*free coupon for olive oil mayo (this is Casey's favorite type!)
*free coupon for Kraft homestyle dinner (never tried this but am sure excited to now!)
*free wheat thins (Sun dried tomato flavor--my favorite, it tastes like pizza!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Man Band

Ok... so I wasn't really in a band but I sure felt like this today at church....  During choir practice, I was the only female present, then I said the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting, taught Sunday School with Casey and led the music in Relief Society.  But I am SO grateful for the opportunity to serve! :)  It has been a very wonderful and spiritually inspiring day.  I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and am grateful for our caring ward and for the experience we gain each and every Sunday!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scipio Adventures

After I finished school and before Casey began summer classes, we took a short vacation to Scipio, Utah!  My grandpa was born and raised there.  My grandparents now own a mobile home and we went down and stayed there.  I have many happy memories of Scipio from my childhood and Casey wanted to see everything.  It was a great way to get-a-way for a very insignificant amount of money.  We had a great time!!  The following pictures are from our journeys there! :)
Standing outside the mobile home.
The living room.  (BTW:  The tan rug in the bottom right corner is my absolute favorite rug.  I would curl up on it when I was young and just lay there...)
This is the view from sitting in grandpa's rocking chair.  He used to love to sit here and just look out at the mountains.  He said it was his million dollar view.
The kitchen!  We tried to use as few of dishes as possible and instead focused on paper plates and the microwave because there is no running water inside.
While we were there, we saw a beautiful rainbow from the porch!  And don't forget the cows!! :)
When we arrived down there, we found random metal pieces and were unsure where they were coming from.  We discovered a substantial piece of the porch roof and blown off.  So my handy husband found some nails and hammered the roof back on!
One of the days we were down there, we drove to Fillmore and walked around through the first state capital building.  Fillmore is the central location for the state of Utah.  Because of the location, Brigham Young decided it would be the capital city.  The state legislature only met down there for either 2-3 years though because although it was central geographic location, it was not central to the majority of the people.  The picture we are in front of is a drawing of what the building would have looked like if it was completed but because the capital city was changed to Salt Lake, only one of the 4 wings (and no dome) was built.
The capital building is now a museum.  I am SO glad that I don't have to sew everything on one of these dinosaur machines.  I thought it looked classic though!
I couldn't believe that there was snow on the last day of April.  I had left my hoodie in the car when we were taking this picture and therefore was so very cold.  But it was way fun to be there together! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Romance

My mom sent me this picture... I thought it was too classic not to share.  Apparently Dolly (my cat) has found her spring love, the duck.  I have always heard that spring is supposed to be the season for love--at least that was the joke on campus and with my roomies.  (
(P.S.  I really miss my cat and am excited for the day when she can move in with us--meaning when we move and have landlords that will allow pets.  Right now, I am not even allowed to socialize with the strays--its in our contract :( sad!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Am I REALLY living in Provo?!

I forgot where I am living... I have never experienced any of these strange phenomenons before...
  • There were only 3 other people on the bus when I rode to campus the other day for a taste test (compared to a bus packed so full that the driver wouldn't start going until everyone figured out how to stand behind the white line.)
  • The only sound on campus was birds singing sweetly to each other.
  • It is possible to find a Y lot parking place.
  • The laundromat was silent... seriously!  Just me and the laundry machines.
  • I wake up to hear nothing.  The super busy street is abandoned at night.
  • The normal stores seem empty.  (Winco and Wal-mart--still crazy!)
  • Our ward has drastically shrank in size.
  • The temple parking lot has open spaces.
  • "For Rent" signs have overpopulated the grass.
Oh yes, I know what the cause of this unusual experience is--it is SUMMER and all of the students move home.  Provo, as much as you hate it, you are for SURE a college town!  (And I LOVE it because I LOVE being a student at BYU!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dishes and Scripture Stories

For the past hour or so, I have been washing all of our many dishes. Each time I washed something, I would think back to all of the yummy food we have been blessed with and remember the wonderful meals we have shared! But while I was playing with the bubbles and trying not to burn my hands in the rinse water, I was listening to "Scripture Stories."
I am pretty sure I have fallen in love with this program on the Mormon Channel.  It is cute little kids reading the scripture stories that are published by the church.  There is also an adult leading the discussion.  Some of the things the kids say were so adorable!  It has made me really think about the scripture that talks about "becoming as a child" because their testimonies and prayers were so simple but so completely sincere!  Listening to this makes me really excited for someday when we will have our own little ones so I can teach them the scriptures and listen to this program with them.  (This is by no means an announcement--just dreaming of the future!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Highlights of April (captured in Picture Collages)

I have always heard the phrase "April showers bring May flowers."  But now I am wondering what does April SNOW bring!?  Seriously... The picture on the left, with my car on the street, was taken on Easter morning outside our front door.  The other picture on the right was taken on the last day of April.  (I will explain more what that picture is later in a different post about Scipio!)  The point of both pictures is the noticing winter!

The next picture collage is showing our Easter morning.  Top left is us together on Easter morning.  Top right is the all the treats the Easter bunny brought both of us.  The bottom left and bottom right pictures are related. My dear Casey bunny hid a dozen hard boiled eggs for me to find in the morning.  It was really cute and enjoyed getting to go on an Easter egg hunt.  When we were in high school, to answer me for MORP, he hid over a 100 plastic eggs with candy and a few random letters inside of some.  He knew how much I enjoyed it and so he recreated the moment!  The last picture, in the bottom center was our breakfast on Easter morning. In my food science class, we had studied a lot about how to make the perfect hard boiled egg.  I'm not sure if mine were perfect but colorwise, they came pretty close....  

The following picture collage represents all of the time I spent with school.  It was so much and definitely a part of both of our lives.  Casey had to help do lots of things around the house and leave me alone because I was studying so much.  The top left picture has already been posted on our blog but it really was so much of my April that I wanted to repost it and in case you did not read that blog entry, that is a picture of my interior design final.  The top center is likely hard to read but Casey left me that note outside of the testing center for my last final.  He has left me notes a few times outside of the testing center and it has meant SO much to me!  The top right picture is not me but is to show one simple thing--food science!  I spent so much time for this class... studying and memorizing and cramming.  Really, this class well overtook the rest of my classes because I had to spend so much time for it.  I have never worked so hard to get such a low grade before (worse grade I have ever received in my life) but honestly, I am just so thankful that I passed and don't have to retake it!  The bottom left is totally MY congratulations!  When I first came out of the testing center, it said "Fantastic!" and then by the time I took the picture, it had switched to Congrats... I was so shocked and surprised to see this next to my score.  I guessed on several questions on my family finance test but apparently guessed pretty well!  The bottom center was a studying break in the bookstore.  The cheerleaders and Cosmo were trying to promote the new Cosmo shirts.  We won a free one and Cosmo signed it for us!  The bottom right picture is of the BYU final survival kit my parents bought for me.  They ordered it and then I picked it up.  They decided to order me my first (and last one) in celebration of my last finals, EVER!
The last picture is of my best friend's graduation.  We went to both the commencement and convocation and also went and celebrated at Chuck-a-Rama with her family.  The picture collage is just a random selection of graduation pictures including placing the stole of gratitude on her mother, smelling her flowers, with her husband and walking across the stage when her name was presented.  I'm SO excited for my graduation!  I'm trying to walk in August right now.  No guarantees because I have to fill out a petition but that is the goal!

I'm on top of the world!

Ok... so I may not really be on top of the world.  But I sure felt like it as we were able to go up on top of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower.  It is the tallest building in Utah County and it is just such a cool feeling to be up above everything.  It gave a different perspective to my world.  I began to think about the things that seem to make up my world--school and homework, being on time and catching the bus, driving back and forth, making dinner and doing dishes, cleaning, etc!  But as Casey and I were up on the SKWT roof, life seemed to take on new meaning.  Really, the things that matter the most in my world were right there with me!  I had my husband and my testimony and my happiness and my life and really what more could I ask for.  So we let go of the frantic world we lived in and enjoyed the moment for what it was worth! 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the beginning of eternity

As of today we have been married for 5 months, 1 week, and 3 days or 161 days!  Tomorrow will make one more! :)  And we are excited to make it to a whole eternity!!!

I just found the cute counter at and thought it was worth celebrating with a blog post!

I really do LOVE being married to my best friend and count my blessings everyday to have such a wonderful husband!!! xoxo