Monday, May 10, 2010

Dishes and Scripture Stories

For the past hour or so, I have been washing all of our many dishes. Each time I washed something, I would think back to all of the yummy food we have been blessed with and remember the wonderful meals we have shared! But while I was playing with the bubbles and trying not to burn my hands in the rinse water, I was listening to "Scripture Stories."
I am pretty sure I have fallen in love with this program on the Mormon Channel.  It is cute little kids reading the scripture stories that are published by the church.  There is also an adult leading the discussion.  Some of the things the kids say were so adorable!  It has made me really think about the scripture that talks about "becoming as a child" because their testimonies and prayers were so simple but so completely sincere!  Listening to this makes me really excited for someday when we will have our own little ones so I can teach them the scriptures and listen to this program with them.  (This is by no means an announcement--just dreaming of the future!)

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