Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Highlights of April (captured in Picture Collages)

I have always heard the phrase "April showers bring May flowers."  But now I am wondering what does April SNOW bring!?  Seriously... The picture on the left, with my car on the street, was taken on Easter morning outside our front door.  The other picture on the right was taken on the last day of April.  (I will explain more what that picture is later in a different post about Scipio!)  The point of both pictures is the noticing winter!

The next picture collage is showing our Easter morning.  Top left is us together on Easter morning.  Top right is the all the treats the Easter bunny brought both of us.  The bottom left and bottom right pictures are related. My dear Casey bunny hid a dozen hard boiled eggs for me to find in the morning.  It was really cute and enjoyed getting to go on an Easter egg hunt.  When we were in high school, to answer me for MORP, he hid over a 100 plastic eggs with candy and a few random letters inside of some.  He knew how much I enjoyed it and so he recreated the moment!  The last picture, in the bottom center was our breakfast on Easter morning. In my food science class, we had studied a lot about how to make the perfect hard boiled egg.  I'm not sure if mine were perfect but colorwise, they came pretty close....  

The following picture collage represents all of the time I spent with school.  It was so much and definitely a part of both of our lives.  Casey had to help do lots of things around the house and leave me alone because I was studying so much.  The top left picture has already been posted on our blog but it really was so much of my April that I wanted to repost it and in case you did not read that blog entry, that is a picture of my interior design final.  The top center is likely hard to read but Casey left me that note outside of the testing center for my last final.  He has left me notes a few times outside of the testing center and it has meant SO much to me!  The top right picture is not me but is to show one simple thing--food science!  I spent so much time for this class... studying and memorizing and cramming.  Really, this class well overtook the rest of my classes because I had to spend so much time for it.  I have never worked so hard to get such a low grade before (worse grade I have ever received in my life) but honestly, I am just so thankful that I passed and don't have to retake it!  The bottom left is totally MY congratulations!  When I first came out of the testing center, it said "Fantastic!" and then by the time I took the picture, it had switched to Congrats... I was so shocked and surprised to see this next to my score.  I guessed on several questions on my family finance test but apparently guessed pretty well!  The bottom center was a studying break in the bookstore.  The cheerleaders and Cosmo were trying to promote the new Cosmo shirts.  We won a free one and Cosmo signed it for us!  The bottom right picture is of the BYU final survival kit my parents bought for me.  They ordered it and then I picked it up.  They decided to order me my first (and last one) in celebration of my last finals, EVER!
The last picture is of my best friend's graduation.  We went to both the commencement and convocation and also went and celebrated at Chuck-a-Rama with her family.  The picture collage is just a random selection of graduation pictures including placing the stole of gratitude on her mother, smelling her flowers, with her husband and walking across the stage when her name was presented.  I'm SO excited for my graduation!  I'm trying to walk in August right now.  No guarantees because I have to fill out a petition but that is the goal!

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