Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm on top of the world!

Ok... so I may not really be on top of the world.  But I sure felt like it as we were able to go up on top of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower.  It is the tallest building in Utah County and it is just such a cool feeling to be up above everything.  It gave a different perspective to my world.  I began to think about the things that seem to make up my world--school and homework, being on time and catching the bus, driving back and forth, making dinner and doing dishes, cleaning, etc!  But as Casey and I were up on the SKWT roof, life seemed to take on new meaning.  Really, the things that matter the most in my world were right there with me!  I had my husband and my testimony and my happiness and my life and really what more could I ask for.  So we let go of the frantic world we lived in and enjoyed the moment for what it was worth! 

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