Sunday, May 30, 2010

a new project idea

So I was thinking back to my childhood and was remembering how much I loved playing with my mom's quiet book at church (I think it might have been only used at stake conference.) but I have decided that I want to make one of those so someday in the future when we have kids, we can take along the book to entertain them at church.  I have looked various ideas and patterns up online and there are so many options... felt, muslim, pellon, etc pages; felt cutouts, crayons, cards, figurines, etc.  It will be fun to work on this slowly (and come up with lots of patterns... I figure it can't be too hard to take an idea for a page and turn it into one!)  My book is going to be religious themed and instead of just tying shoes--it will be like missionary shoes or instead of just unzipping a zipper--it will be unzipping the whale's mouth or parting the red sea....  If anyone has great ideas for pages or even what works best as the page material, I would love to hear your comments!
(Please note:  I doubt my book will look like this... but it was a good visual idea!)

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