Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scipio Adventures

After I finished school and before Casey began summer classes, we took a short vacation to Scipio, Utah!  My grandpa was born and raised there.  My grandparents now own a mobile home and we went down and stayed there.  I have many happy memories of Scipio from my childhood and Casey wanted to see everything.  It was a great way to get-a-way for a very insignificant amount of money.  We had a great time!!  The following pictures are from our journeys there! :)
Standing outside the mobile home.
The living room.  (BTW:  The tan rug in the bottom right corner is my absolute favorite rug.  I would curl up on it when I was young and just lay there...)
This is the view from sitting in grandpa's rocking chair.  He used to love to sit here and just look out at the mountains.  He said it was his million dollar view.
The kitchen!  We tried to use as few of dishes as possible and instead focused on paper plates and the microwave because there is no running water inside.
While we were there, we saw a beautiful rainbow from the porch!  And don't forget the cows!! :)
When we arrived down there, we found random metal pieces and were unsure where they were coming from.  We discovered a substantial piece of the porch roof and blown off.  So my handy husband found some nails and hammered the roof back on!
One of the days we were down there, we drove to Fillmore and walked around through the first state capital building.  Fillmore is the central location for the state of Utah.  Because of the location, Brigham Young decided it would be the capital city.  The state legislature only met down there for either 2-3 years though because although it was central geographic location, it was not central to the majority of the people.  The picture we are in front of is a drawing of what the building would have looked like if it was completed but because the capital city was changed to Salt Lake, only one of the 4 wings (and no dome) was built.
The capital building is now a museum.  I am SO glad that I don't have to sew everything on one of these dinosaur machines.  I thought it looked classic though!
I couldn't believe that there was snow on the last day of April.  I had left my hoodie in the car when we were taking this picture and therefore was so very cold.  But it was way fun to be there together! :)

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