Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Romance

My mom sent me this picture... I thought it was too classic not to share.  Apparently Dolly (my cat) has found her spring love, the duck.  I have always heard that spring is supposed to be the season for love--at least that was the joke on campus and with my roomies.  (
(P.S.  I really miss my cat and am excited for the day when she can move in with us--meaning when we move and have landlords that will allow pets.  Right now, I am not even allowed to socialize with the strays--its in our contract :( sad!)


Julie said...

Are you sure this is your cat? :)

Maybe you should print a retraction and post the picture of Dolly with the bunny that I took for you.

Lisa Child said...

In case any one reads this, it is true... this is apparently not my cat. My mom sent me the picture and she thought it looked like Dolly and that is what she meant to say. However, her intentions didn't work out to well because I was under the impression that this was my kitty...