Monday, June 7, 2010

10 Reasons today has been *Amazing*

My top 10 reasons (I could list more...) of why I have loved today!  These are listed in chronological order.  My absolute TOP favorite reason is #7!!!

1.  I happened to wake up even though the alarm didn't go off so Casey was able to go to school on time.
2.  I had an interview to work at Stadium of Fire as gate security (it will be even more amazing when I am hired!!)
3.  I earned $3 to eat scrambled eggs.
4.  I have a cold(ish) apartment.  (The swamp cooler in our apartment works thanks to Casey taking it apart and figuring out what was broken!!)
5.  I got a package of lobster for 18 CENTS!!! (It is kind of small but for sure at least enough for one or two meals for both of us but for reals, 18 cents...)
6.  I got a free package of hotdogs, hotdog buns, tortilla chips and Shasta today.
7.  I listened to our wedding song while I was shopping!  (This totally made my day and I was SO excited to hurry home to my darling husband!) 
8.  I made sugar-free maple walnut pie for Family Home Evening Treats and didn't even turn on our gas oven.
9.  I love social networking because we figured out when Casey's mission president will be speaking for their homecoming.  (We are both excited to go to this and until today, no one knew when it would be.)
10.  The pilot light on the water heater stayed lit!  (This means hot water for washing dishes and my hair!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa. Who was Casey's mission president and when are they speaking?