Friday, June 25, 2010

Fill-in-the-Blank Friday!

So I saw this idea from a blog I was looking at and thought it was a cute idea...  Its "Fill-in-the-Blank Friday" :)
  • Where would you be able to spend hours and be happy? Almost any place, as long as I have my darling husband with me! :)
  • What’s your favorite kind of doughnut?  Cake Doughnuts
  • Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Nope!!  For sure no tats and I am way too scared of the piercing gun!!!
  • What is your favorite movie?  Probably Cars but I don’t know, I actually got sick of watching it over and over again.  I love clean chick flicks!
  • Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My mom—telling her about my success while shopping!  I save $19 with coupons!! :D
  • Are you still friends with the people you knew in middle school or high school?  Absolutely!  I am married now to one of them that I met in junior high!  (The picture was taken at our 9th grade promotion)
  • What is the last thing you ate?  “Pineapple Upside-Down Cake” Yoplait Yogurt
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?  A mom, a nurse, a teacher.
  • Name three things that are close to you:  Our beautiful, new flower tablecloth, my empty yogurt container, my keys
  • What was your best subject in school?  I really do pretty good at most of them.  But I for sure love FACS!  (Probably a good thing, considering I will be teaching it soon!!)
  • What is your favorite restaurant?  Maglebye’s Fresh Grill, anything that we don’t have to pay for! ;)
  • What is your favorite jewlery item to wear?  My engagement ring!!  It is SO pretty and looks like the math symbol for infinity!
  • Any hidden talents?  I can pop my ankles… I’m actually worried that this may not be a talent but might make them weak when I am old :/
  • What is your middle name?  Carol (after my mom)
  • What is your favorite website?  The ones I visit the most are,,, coupon/ freebie places (too many to list!)
  • Chocolate or vanilla?  Honestly, most things I prefer Vanilla—except for my love for brownies and chocolate milk
  • What is your favorite girl’s name? Favorite boy’s name?  I haven’t thought about this for a long while… I have no idea what I would pick right now.
  • Favorite store?  Bath and Body Works! 
  • Would you rather be a rock star or a famous athlete?  Oh probably athlete…
  • Favorite food?  Pumpkin!!! (like cookies and bread and pie and I found a yummy recipe for a pasta sauce and etc!)  Pasta!  (That is why the pumpkin sauce is so delicious!  It combines my two favorites!)
  • What are you wearing right now?  A BYU t-shirt that says “Cosmo is my hero” and khaki shorts
  • What is your favorite animal?  Cat
  • Did you graduate from college?  I will be!!!  :D
  • What does your last text message say? The Weather Forecast
  • What is a song that always makes you smile?  "Lucky" by Jason Mraz.  It doesn't matter what is happening or where I am... I always stop and dance and remember the day I was sealed to my best friend for eternity! :D <3
Now It’s Your Turn:
Three questions for you:
  1. What is the last thing you ate?
  2. What is your favorite website?
  3. What is your favorite movie?

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