Monday, June 21, 2010

Goin' Campin'

Recently, Casey and I enjoyed our first camping trip.  It was very beautiful and we had a memorable time together! :)  We picked the camp site because Casey had fond memories of this place while he was in scouts.
Stuffing our queen sized air mattress into this tent proved to be slightly interesting.  Casey was taller then the tent was and therefore had to sleep curled up.  It was so very cold that night though that I greatly enjoyed the super close cuddling!
We went camping with some of our dear friends and enjoyed being together.  We all just shared everything and switched who brought which meals.  It was great!
Casey and Brandon starting the fire... Casey is holding a hatchet that used to be his grandpa's.  We were all grateful to have it so the wood could be chopped smaller.  Casey *loved* starting the fire!!  And all of the smoke was a very common theme for this camping trip; we kept rotating and walking around the fire in attempts to leave the smoke.
Best friends!!  Hannah and I are so close... it is crazy we have only known each other for around 2 years now!
Casey finding more wood.  Because it was so cold, we burned through tons of wood and were surprised.  We used 3 entire bundles!!!  I really like watching the embers as it goes out--so beautiful!
While Casey was starting the fire, I was assembling our tin foil dinners.  The soup came out much faster than I anticipated--so I improvised!  We were camping and I used my hand to "spoon" it out... :)
We decided to go on a hike in the morning.  I unfortunately did not wear the best of shoes and then we were sloshing through mud and standing water...  This part of the mountain will be so beautiful once the leaves are growing.  There are so many trees!!
So normally everyone tries to focus on the scenery in photographs.  I loved the clouds though and decided to aim up towards them!!
We were standing on the edge of a drop off cliff... I was slightly nervous to say the least!  We had lunch up here and it was very pretty looking out but also extremely windy because we had nothing protecting us.
This was probably one of our only kisses the entire camping trip--sad, huh?!  I broke out with a few bad cold sores the night before and we really didn't want Casey to get it.  We had to be really careful to not share anything like cups or forks... so weird because we are so used to sharing everything now! :)
I love this picture!!!  As you can see, it started warming up and I had shed my multiple layers of jackets.  And Casey was so sweet!  My backpack was drastically lighter than his because he was willing to carry so much!  I am so grateful to be married to such a sweet husband! <3

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Cami said...

looks beautiful! Hannah is my hero for camping and being pregnant! you two are great.