Friday, June 4, 2010

Love is...

Love is eternal.  Love is cuddling on the couch and saying nothing at all.  Love is chattering about every detail of your life.  Love is sharing your testimony.  Love is studying the scriptures together.  Love is time spent studying, even though we're apart.  Love is priceless.  Love is the hope of a perfect tomorrow.  Love is confiding with all of your secrets.  Love is the way your fingers fit perfectly together.  Love is thinking about him all the time.  Love is willing the clock to hurry so he can return home after class.  Love is a beautiful kiss that you never want to end.  Love is a tender long embrace.  Love is thinking of his needs first.  Love is true.  Love is magical.  Love is gentle back rubs.  Love is sitting around a card table enjoying dinner together.  Love is sacrifice.  Love is real.

Love is everything.  Love is my life.  Love is my unending joy.  Love is my dearest Casey!

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