Saturday, June 5, 2010

Remembering the Welcome Home

One year ago today, Casey was riding in an airplane (he thinks probably Delta).  He was wearing his black name tag for the last time after two years of daily use.  He was sad to be leaving the people he had learned to love so deeply.  His whole life, as he had come to know it, changed drastically (but only for the better) when he was released from serving in the Virginia Richmond Mission and became an RM.

Since very few pictures have ever been posted from his mission, I decided I would pick some of my favorite to share... (be warned, missionaries take lots of pictures!!  I am trying to pick only a select few but I have a feeling there will be a lot...)
(opening his mission call to the Virginia Richmond Mission)
(at the MTC)
(arriving at the mission home)
(going hiking on a P-Day)
(funny tombstone showing Casey as the jr. companion)
(beautiful Virginia)
(Celebrating Halloween/ Casey's Birthday at a ward party)
(this tree is gorgeous)
(first Christmas with some members)
(State border)
(his district in Staunton/ Waynesboro)
(transfers while it was snowing)
(funny picture with the Rivanna District)
(in front of Monticello--its on the nickel)
(baptism at Rivana... I LOVE seeing Casey in white!!!)
(at Scotchtown)
(pointing to the Burkville Ward)
(Blackstone district)
(at the ocean near Currituck)
(This is one of my favorites... Casey with Elder Richard G. Scott)
(Deep Creek District)
(Deep Creek)
(at the Mission Home with everyone that was being released)

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