Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updates & Exciting News:

School news:
  • I just barely found out where I will be student teaching during fall semester!  YEAH!!  My first half of the semester, I will be at Lakeridge Junior High School in Orem and the second half I will be at Payson High School (in Payson).  I am very excited because there were some hang-ups with my placement!
  • Casey is getting ready to take his first finals as a student at UVU.  He is doing really well in his classes but still has a lot of studying time to feel ready to ace his finals.  He has philosophy and political science right now.  Second half of the summer he will have English and photography. 
  • I will be walking in August and graduating in December.  December still seems so far away that I don't think the reality of the end being so near has really sank in yet.  My dream to become a BYU graduate will soon be a reality!
Job news:
  • Casey has begun donating plasma.  It works out great because he is able to study/ read his textbook while he is there and help others.
  • I have a job to work for one day!  I have filled out countless applications and I know one day is not very much but it is certainly better than nothing!!  I will be working the Stadium of Fire as Gate Security (meaning I get to check bags).  This also has the possibility of turning into a seasonal fall job in that I would work the home football games.
  • The most exciting job news is that I am waiting to hear back from Stevens-Henager College.  I applied to work as an Admissions Consultant though they might start me as a part-time receptionist because of my super busy fall semester.  I am really excited and hope it works out because I felt so comfortable and welcomed during my interview.  I sent a thank you letter yesterday and am now just anxiously waiting and praying!!!
Life news:
  • We went on our first camp-out.  We had a two man tent and a queen size air mattress.  We had to kind of stuff the air mattress in and then sleep curled up because the tent was too short.  I didn't mind the cuddling though because I was very, VERY cold.  Hopefully soon, I will be posting pictures!  (We went with a friend & her husband and some of the pictures are on her camera.)
  • Utah Lake was having a festival day and free admission.  We went there one Saturday morning for our weekly date.  There were lots of booths to walk around and a free lunch.  I didn't realize how much sun we were exposed to until we got home and saw my bright pink neck.  Fortunately, the sun burn wasn't too bad!!
  • Casey is so super talented and was able to fix the apartment's broken swamp cooler.  I am very grateful because the few days it has been hot so far this summer we have had that thing blowing strong.  If it weren't for that, I'm pretty sure I would be dripping sweat constantly.
Grateful news:
  • My parents gave us one of their old (but still in good condition) family sized tent after we told them about our cute two man tent experience.  It has a few minor repairs but will be great!
  • My aunt and uncle decided to buy some new furniture and we were the lucky (and very blessed) recipients to receive their old glider rocking chair and foot stool.  We placed it in our bedroom and it has become Casey's study spot.  It is by the window (well, all three windows) and he is able to study comfortably while I do things/ make noise in the living & dining room.
  • My parents found a solid wood table listed on KSL classifieds and decided to buy it for us.  They tried to call but we were in the temple when they saw the ad.  It came with 6 comfy chairs.  I love having a sturdy table now instead of the wobbly card table.  
Church news:
  • Because we go to a married student ward, there are no Aaronic Priesthood holders to prepare/ pass the Sacrament.  Casey just got a new calling as the Sacrament Coordinator and I love watching him prepare it.  Taking the Sacrament really is the most amazing blessing and gift!
  • I was also recently given a new calling as the assistant compassionate service leader.  I was overwhelmed at first because this makes 3 callings for me plus visiting teaching.  It is working out really well though because everyone is so willing to serve one another.  It is amazing to watch because we are all in the barely married stage and in school and poor but none of the reasons stop anyone from serving.
  • Casey and I now teach the marriage and family Sunday School every other week.  It has been quite the learning experience for us both to learn how to teach together because we have such different styles.  But we have learned so much from it and have watched the lessons that we prepare mold and shape our own lives.

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