Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 Reasons Proving Casey is an Amazing Husband!

Not that this needed proving because it is obvious that Casey is wonderful... but, I felt like stating the obvious!  Being married for time and sealed for eternity to my best friend seven and a half months ago is the *best* thing that has ever happened to me.  And I truly am so deeply blessed to have such a MARVELOUS husband! <3

1.  He fixes things like broken pilot lights and stubborn door locks.
2.  He kills the spiders (even during the middle of a Sunday School lesson we are teaching together)
3.  He helps wash the dishes after dinner.
4.  He hand washed my car because it was dirty and I wished we could afford to take it to get clean!
5.  He leaves me sweet love notes in random places.
6.  He holds my hand or puts his arm around me during our institute class.
7.  He is willing to match his tie to my dress most Sundays.
8.  He holds me close when I'm tired or sad or scared or happy or any reason really.
9.  He listens to my dreams and helps make them become a reality.
10.  (And the *BEST* reason) He makes time to take me to the temple every week!!!

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