Friday, July 30, 2010

Bitter Sweet (with the emphasis on the sweet!)

Recently, we had the opportunity to fly a space mission at the Christa McAuliffe Elementary School with my family.  My sister has been volunteering there this summer and we decided to check it out.  She grew up going on camps here and has fallen madly in love with the place!  Ironically, until our mission, she was the only one in our family that had experienced the space center.  We were short staffed--the space ship was supposed to have 8 people running it (I think) but we only had 6.  This was the bitter part of the experience because I was assigned to 2 computers and had to keep running back and forth between them in addition to being responsible for passing notes back and forth.  The sweet part is we passed our mission! (...barely!  But we still passed!!!)
It would have been sweet if I could have sat by Casey the whole time...
So for anyone following this blog that knows the size of my family 6 seems strange because Julie was not apart of our commanding team.  She was behind the scenes volunteering....  So, to get to 6 we had my mom and dad, my husband and myself, and my brother and his FIANCÉE!!!  Brian and Jenaé have been engaged for a little less than a month now and this is totally sweet news!  The only bitter part is that they can't decide on a date... it goes back and forth.
Can anyone guess how we took the pictures?  We used the self-timer mode on Casey's camera and his tripod...
This would be probably my favorite, except my sister is back behind my brother...
Casey and I have continued to attend the temple every week.  I love being inside this amazing building with my sweetheart.  The bitter news is that the Provo Temple has been closed so we had to travel up to a different temple.  The sweet news is starting this week, the Provo Temple is back open!!!  I really like living so close to a temple and honestly hope that no matter where we go that we will always be blessed to live so close to the House of the Lord.  (Only in Utah is a 20-30 minute drive considered far to get to the temple! LoL!)
Ignore the squinty eyes... it was super bright and we were trying to take this ourselves with my phone.
Draper, Utah Temple
Some more bitter sweet news in our lives is I was hired to work as a GED Tutor at Stevens-Henager College.  I loved to watch people succeed and understand what I was teaching.  But at the same time, with other students, it because really frustrating when I would explain something countless times and they still would not understand.  The really bitter news about working is that I was only hired for one week.  It was supposed to be long term but the corporate level decided that the local campuses were not allowed to have tutors, advertising or marketing or a direct phone.  So, this means I was laid off after working for a week.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Pioneer Day!  In the morning, I made Monkey Bread while Casey was still sleeping and then we watched the parade together on the TV.  The only bitter part about this was the monkey bread was so delicious that we both ate a lot.  Oh well!  Later on, we went to my grandparents house and Casey mowed their grass and did some basic pruning because Grandpa insisted.  Grandpa watched Casey from the window and kept saying that he was doing such a good job!  I heard him say how hard of worker, beautiful yard, etc was countless times.  It was wonderful to see him so happy!  The bitter part about seeing my grandparents is watching how old they are getting.  Grandpa is beginning to suffer from Alzheimer's and it is hard to watch him suffer!  But I love spending as much time as possible with him anyway!  We also went to my mom's extended family BBQ at my aunt's house.  It was nice seeing everyone together again!  And the food was delicious.  I made chocolate bon-bons (it was kind of potluck...) and have fallen in love with them.  Casey tried to take some pictures for his photography class.  Unfortunately, the film was not loaded right so they didn't turn out.

To conclude our 24th celebrations we went and watched fireworks near Butler Park.  We went to the same place we watched them the year before.  It was really nice just being there and beginning a tradition.  I don't know if we will go back to that park (we were actually on Church grass) every year but I greatly enjoyed it.  The only bitter news is that we got home really super late because after the show ended we still had a long journey to go back to our home.  But I would totally pay the price of being tired because fireworks are just so beautiful and amazing to watch!!!  Especially, when the person laying beside me is my best friend! :D
Poor quality but considering it was pitch black and this was from my phone, its not so bad! :)
Again from my phone... I was pretty impressed!  I love fireworks!! *\
We also celebrated my other grandma's birthday recently.  It was nice to see my dad's side of the family too.  The only bitter part about this is that we don't live very close to any of his family so it was a long drive to the party... and we were late.  But late was better than not at all!  My grandma is such a sweet lady!  And everyone loves to laugh.  It was great!  Plus the cake was delicious!!
Celebrating being alive for 80 years!!!

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