Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunshine, Festivities and 4th of July Memories

Looking back over the past weekend, it is amazing that we were able to fit in as much as we did.  Celebrating is huge in Provo and we have taken advantage of the Freedom Days celebration.  It has been so much fun and we now treasure wonderful memories of our first 4th of July together.
To begin the weekend, we enjoyed a free french toast breakfast from Macey's.  It was delicious and definitely worth the long line!  The homemade buttermilk syrup was the best part.  We picked up a copy of the recipe and I will have to share it later.
(Wearing hats makes it difficult to get our faces close together... :(  but, neither 
of us are sunburned after being outside for large amounts of time so it was worth it!)
Our next stop on Saturday morning was wandering around Freedom Days.  It is like a huge festival/ booth vendors/ kiddie rides.  While we were there, we were both able to get free 5-minute massages and that was amazing.  I don't remember ever having a professional back rub before but I am pretty sure I am hooked! :)  We watched a demonstration (and were given free samples) of some very expensive pan sets.  There was no way that we could afford them but it was nice to dream.  Our water bottle ran out while wandering around all of the booths.  It took some work to find a place to fill it up but we finally found a Boy Scout troop with a huge container at their booth and were more than willing to share.  I was deeply grateful because drinking water is probably one of my favorite pastimes! ;)  We also found a Wells Fargo photo booth.  I was so excited because it was the first time I had been in one.  
(Considering how we were both too tall and the camera didn't 
show on the screen, I think these turned out great!)
After we finished looking at the various displays, we had just enough time to eat Asian chicken wraps and watch a movie at home before I needed to report for work.  This was perfect and exactly what I needed.  I am deeply thankful for a great swamp cooler, comfy couch, and sweet husband.
I was really excited to work at Stadium of Fire.  And for the most part, I loved working as Gate Security.  I had to search bags and enforce the rules of no outside food or drinks, no umbrellas, etc.  Generally it went pretty well but some people were so angry about not being allowed to bring in their water that they would dump it on my feet or swear at me.  I kept thinking the people should just be grateful to be allowed to bring in empty bottles!!!
After the majority of the people had come through the gate I was assigned to, the police officer sent about half of the people in to wander between the portals.  I was very lucky and was the first to be assigned to go in and was placed at the lower portals.  I was able to watch nearly the entire show.  The fireworks were by far my favorite!!! :D  I wanted to take pictures of them but didn't have any cameras in my pocket (not even my phone) because it wasn't allowed.  The scary part about being so close though was that one of the fireworks shot sideways instead of up.  I saw it coming and turned around and ducked.  The guy that was on event staff didn't react fast enough though and it hit and slightly burned his hand.
(The picture isn't the greatest...  but the memories are!)
Casey volunteered to come pick me up after because there was no where that I could park that was even remotely close to the stadium.  Once we arrived home, Casey offered to rub my feet because he knew I had been standing the entire time.  It was so sweet and I seriously have the *best* husband!!!
We taught Sunday School on the 4th of July and wore our "Patriotic" outfits.  It is just fun to dress up for holidays and to celebrate them.  
(I am so grateful I married someone who loves celebrating as much as I do!!!)
After church (and Casey taking a short nap--due to the fact that we didn't go to bed until about 1 am) we drove to Salt Lake to have a family dinner/ party.  It was great being together! :)  We also went to a lake--near Brian's (my brother) work--and took some family pictures using Casey's camera and the self-timer feature and his tripod.  I have to wait to post them but hopefully soon!  We also went to my grandma's house and watched fireworks lit by my sister.
Monday morning, we woke up pretty early (again sacrificing our sleep) to go find a place to watch the parade.  I ended up resting (though never fully asleep) on our blanket on top of the road.  I have never laid down on a road before so it was a new experience! ;) LoL!  We had great seats and fortunately the weather wasn't super hot.  It was really enjoyable!!
(Trying to take a self picture while a float was going past.  We have 
several of just the road but finally got a good one!)
(Casey's school mascot: the Wolverine at UVU!)
(Lisa's school mascot: Cosmo the Cougar at BYU!)
Following the parade, we decided to go walk around Colonial Days.  Casey used the opportunity to take pictures using the black and white camera for his photography class.  I was looking at the negatives he developed today and they look really good.  I loved going to Colonial Days and hope we can make this a tradition in the future!  I think it would be so much fun for young kids because all the people were dressed up from the time period and their were tons of  free crafts.
(My knight in shining armor!!!!)
(Holy cow that thing hurt... I don't think I have that
big of neck but this thing was super tight...)
(with Abraham Lincoln)
(with Ben Franklin)
(In the center is a piece of fabric from the original flag that was flying 
when Francis Scott Key saw it and was then inspired to write the
Star-Spangled Banner.  I thought this was so neat--maybe because 
I will soon have a degree with part of it being in sewing/ textiles.)
To end the night, (and weekend of celebrating) we had dinner with my parents and sister at Purple Turtle because she had a break from space camp for a few hours in Pleasant Grove.  We were first timers... I throughly enjoyed their sweet potato fries and onion rings!!
It truly has been a busy weekend but so much fun!  I am so thankful to live in a country where I am able to enjoy such freedoms that allow me to celebrate and take pictures and be with my dear husband.  The best freedom (if I had to pick just one...) would be the ability to go to church and believe in the Gospel.  And along with that, the blessing of being sealed to my darling Casey forever!!!  I know some places are not as blessed to have such freedoms or such knowledge and I hope I never take being an American for granted!
(I know I already posted this picture... but it fits so perfectly...  
I truly am so richly blessed for my freedom and for my testimony!)

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