Thursday, August 26, 2010

Break Time!

I have spent nearly the entire day working on my Teacher Work Sample....  I want to have section 1 done before I start school so I will stay motivated to keep working on it the rest of the first block.  I want to get it DONE because I don't want to be dealing with it during the holidays, including OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!  Anyway, during the middle of the afternoon, I decided I needed a break.  I found out today that I have to create a title sheet for my student teaching binder to be turned in.  Well, I didn't want something that was boring so I decided to draw it by hand.  I really enjoyed myself (I love coloring!) and then once I was finished I went back to my TWS...
BTW:  Ignore the "fake" looking part of Mrs. Lisa.
I didn't want to post it with my last name so I erased it in Paint.