Saturday, August 28, 2010

Education Week

I thought I would share a few thoughts about Ed Week so when we have our blog printed into a book, this week will be remembered! :)

My absolute favorite class (by far!!!!) was called "Help Me Teach with Inspiration."  It wonderful because the teacher was doing exactly what his topic was.  I am very motivated to improve my teaching skills and hope that I will be able to remember everything I learned.  I took frantic notes and am so grateful because I can go back and review them any time I want!!!  I feel like I finally understand the difference between Doctrine, Principles, and Behavior/ or Application.  It is easy to teach to the behavior level but the lasting impressions come from teaching the doctrine.  There is also a need to be involved in the class.  A student rarely learns from endless lectures.  And in a religious class, the students need to be involved physically, mentally and spiritually.  I also learned a lot about asking good questions.  These are vital and most people know that but rarely are the questions asked actually used to facilitate learning and promptings from the spirit.  I know I have fallen trap to this before and then wonder why no one will answer my stupid questions.  This truly was the highlight class for me.

Casey and I kind of wandered around to different classes and sometimes our schedules would match.  We were also there with my parents and it was nice to occasionally run into them too.  All four of us were normally together to listen to Marvin Goldstein play the piano.  Wow!!  He is so very talented!!!  I love hear the piano and especially when the musician is so great!

I also realized that you can't take everything you hear literally and especially if it is someone's opinion.  There was one teacher that I didn't agree with some things she would say and I concluded that was fine.  Since she was teaching about her opinion and how to make self-improvement, I have no problem disagreeing with it.  I just took what I liked and was applicable and then left the rest.  It turned out to be a great strategy.  

We also had a wonderful time eating with my parents that week.  On Monday, we invited them over for dinner.  I made Crock-pot Cashew Chicken and then we had family home evening together.  And for treats, we went to SubZero ice cream!!! (YUM!!!!  Probably one of my top favorite ice cream places because you can literally make ANY flavor combination you want because they use liquid nitrogen to freeze it after you decide on all of the--unlimited--flavors you want.)  It was also nice to go out to eat at Smokehouse BBQ, Arby's (still one of my favorite fast food places!), and Dominoes.  It truly was a wonderful week.  I learned a lot.  I felt the Spirit testify of the truths.  I was with the ones I love!

Swimming at my parent's motel pool!

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