Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fair--an exceptional date...

For our date "official" date this week, we went to the Utah County Fair.  Our entire experience cost only $1!!!  Seriously!! :)  The event was free and we decided to ride the bus to the fair grounds.  Riding the bus together is becoming a highlight in my life.  I love having someone next to me that I can rest my head on his shoulder!  We thought we missed the bus coming back so we started walking through town hoping to catch a different one.  It turns out that our "missed" bus was just really late.  Fortunately when we saw it approaching we were near a bus stop and quickly hopped on and welcomed the refreshing air conditioned temperature.

While walking through the fair, we saw Charlotte's Web but unfortunately didn't think to take a picture.  Well, it wasn't quite as cool as Charlotte's Web because the web was wordless but it still hung over one of the pig cages.  I guess this is why we didn't take a picture--I am not a spider fan!!

We then wandered into a sheep judging contest.  I learned a lot from watching these young children try to control their sheep.  The kids ages were between 4-8 and they were judged at how still they could hold their sheep.  The first lesson I learned was how grateful I am to be a city-girl.  I am not sure I could do the country/ farm life.  The smell was strong.  It wasn't uncomfortable but it was unfamiliar.  I watched people kneel down it the saw dust and their cowboy boots were dirty.  I like to be clean.  I loved the cock-o-doodle-dooing and bbbaaaaaaing and cooooing; it was a beautiful farm orchestra to my ears.  It was a vivid reminder of a drastically different life than my upbringing.

As I thought deeper though, I finally began to understand the importance of a shepherd.  The sheep (generally) responded to the child trying to make it stand perfect.  They knew who was boss and the sheep obeyed.  I loved the analogy I saw of having a shepherd take care of the sheep one by one.  I thought of this in comparison to how Jesus Christ is my shepherd and He truly has come to find me personally.  Even when one of the kids lost control of her sheep and it was running around the arena, there was someone their to help her immediately.  It was a thought provoking moment for me as we watched the judging! :)
On a not so serious/ thought provoking note, it sure was entertaining watching these
small children control their sheep!  Some sheep definitely responded than others!
And allow me just to state that the sheep are really NOISY!!!  (BBbbbaaaaaa!!!!!)
We strolled hand-in-hand through the 4H and Open Judging "craft" entries.  I am really excited for 4H and hope to be able to teach my classes something that they can enter.  I saw clothes, pillows, food samples, interior design boards, quilts, ETC! and these are all things that I have a vast knowledge in and I can't wait to share it with my students!
Moseying through the crafty entries.
Casey was much more interested in the photography section and so we leisurely wander up and down looking at the delightful talent.  I wasn't really paying attention to the names of the photographers and was honestly kind of becoming tired of looking at all of the pictures when Casey lingered and continued to look at a few.  I went back to him and took a deeper look and happened to find some of my cousin's entries near where Casey standing.  She took my bridals and did a superb job!  She is definitely talented!!
All 3 of her entries placed!!!  Two 1st places and one 2nd!!!  CONGRATS Joce!
While wandering around, we saw a lot of commercial displays and entered several different drawings!  *crossing our fingers!!!*  We won freshing popsicles from playing Plinko and were deeply grateful for the free water given out by the health department--even though we took two 32oz water bottles with us!!  Casey bought me a wooden "Peace" rose so I could have a thing to remember our excursion by.  It was such a sweet offer on his part.  His generosity is what changed our date from being free to $1.  The lady was out of "Peace" roses so I patiently waited while she searched her boxes.  I love that color and was so excited when she found one bundle left!  The lady said, "Why is it that I find the color of rose you want in the last box I look in?"  I wanted to reply, "Because you found it obviously so you quit looking through the rest!"  But I resisted and instead thanked her for searching.
My *beautiful* Peace rose with some champion cow in the background!

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