Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our New Addition

My phone has been struggling recently with receiving picture messages.  It has been taking forever and then today (as my mom sent me a picture of my sister in front of Space Mountain!!!) it completely froze.  Luckily, I was near by a Verizon store.  I went in, hoping that they could install updates and then it would be good to go.  I had updates installed in the past and it helped the phone hiccups.

They try resetting it and doing something else with no success.  I also find out that my phone is now considered a dinosaur (funny how that works because I have only had the thing for a little over 2 years) and is no longer being produced.  Since it is an internal problem, Verizon covered it under warranty.  Which means, I am able to get the exact same phone for free... or since my phone is no longer being made, I am able to get the upgrade for FREE with NO contract!!!

Welcome Home env3! :D
(inside--I love having a qwerty pad!!)

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