Thursday, August 12, 2010

sneak peek...

Today has been pretty special... and one that I hope to remember for a very long time!!  (And I know if I write something down, then the likely hood for remembering goes up significantly!!!)

6:18 am--stumble out of bed (I have not woken up this early all summer!!!), head to the kitchen and wash dishes.  After I finished with the dishes, I glanced over at the stove and saw it was a mess.  The thought from Enchanted came to my mind of how this will just not do.  Proceeded to throughly scrub the stove and thanks to superb investment in S.O.S. pads, the burner racks (gas stove) actually look clean.  I also washed the sinks really well and swept the floor.  Why I am doing this today, I don't really know!  I also ironed everything!!!

But really the important part of the day is not so much the cleaning (though coming home to a completely clean house is such an amazing feeling!) but rather that I graduated!!! :D  I walked for commencement exercises today and it was great!  I was lucky that I happened to find a couple of girls that I recognized and my co-worker from Stevens Henager College (for the short time that I worked there).  I liked not having to be with complete strangers.  Elder Whitney L . Clayton spoke!  Afterwards I met my family by Portal W and my sister was the first person I saw.  I was giving her a hug when I saw my sweetheart come out from the portal and I ran to him and jumped into his arms!!!  Afterwards, we took lots of pictures and enjoyed a lovely dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.

I promise to post more pictures and details later but wanted to give a short sneak preview!!

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JandS Morgan said...

Congrats on graduating! What an amazing feeling that is.