Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spontaneous Dates

This week we were blessed to be able to have a lot of spontaneous dates!  This isn't so hard with just the two of us but normally it still takes scheduled time for us to be together because life is so busy.

One evening, we went to watch the lightning at the base of Y mount.  The parking lot was overlooking the entire county, at least a huge majority of it!  When the rained stopped, we got out of our car and Casey was trying to take some cool pictures for his photography class.  He will be developing the black and white film (old school... we know!!!) hopefully on Monday... we will have to wait until then to see if any of the pictures worked.  We saw lightning in almost every direction--it was sweet.  I was surprised with how crowded the parking lot was... lots of people were taking pictures and others were just talking but we were doing both!

Another evening this week, we had a date to our kitchen!  Romantic, I know... LoL!!!  But I decided anything can be fun when we are together--including washing the dishes.  We turned on the radio and played with the water and the drying towel.  I can honestly say that doing dishes have never been so enjoyable and we make a fantastic team--Casey with his magic soap wand and me with my powerful dish towel. 

A built in date we have every week is attending the temple.  I love going inside this beautiful building with my sweetheart!  This week was Provo and with school starting (and summer classes ending for Casey) we will likely be going here more often.  I just love that all of them are the same!  It is always a great reminder of our eternal goals and helps us keep perspective.  As we entered the temple, the worker there scanned our recommends and then congratulated us on being newlyweds.  He is able to tell because my recommend still has my maiden name on it.  His sweet comment brought a huge smile to my face! :)

We also have a built in class date every week during the summer.  We are able to attend institute together twice a week.  It is great to hear uplifting messages and even better to experience it with Casey.  This week was so touching.  I felt like some of the teachers comments were just for me!!  We are also getting good at making bus connections.  Riding the bus together is great because I can rest my head on his shoulder while he has his arm around me back.

Earlier today, we drove to Salt Lake and then back home...  Driving is always kind of long for me but everything is better when we are together!  And Casey loves to chauffeur me around--its cute!

Basically, I am just grateful to have my best friend by my side.  I know that marriage really is ordained of Heavenly Father between a man and a woman and I love how our strengths compliment each other.  This week has been very memorable and fun with our spontaneous dates!  I hope we always keep the "newlywed fire" alive!!! 

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