Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Romance!

Yesterday, Casey planned a romantic date night to celebrate the last day of our summer vacation together.  (He started UVU today! I start officially next Monday.)  We dressed up and then went to a fast food restaurant.  It was fun because we were together! :)  The hamburgers were so big and extremely tasty!  I am definitely a fan of Five Guys.  Casey used to go to Five Guys occassionally while he was on his mission.  I had never been.  I was impressed with the way you can order as many toppings and sauces as you would like.  They had some creative additions like mushrooms, hot sauce, and jalapeño peppers.  I opted for a more traditional hamburger but was adventurous by adding grilled onions.  It was very tasty!  Casey's order was simple.  He added cheese and BBQ sauce.  It looked delicious; it reminded me of the "man burger" commercials. LoL!

We then headed up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls.  I was surprised with how much water was rapidly flowing considering how we are at the end of August.  I don't know if the amount of falls was normal and I am just clueless or if it really was a large amount.  I saw two different girls taking bridal pictures while we were traveling.  I thought the pun of  bridal pictures at Bridal Veil Falls was kind of cute!  
This picture really does not do justice for how beautiful it was! romantic...
Then we headed up the steep, windy Squaw Peak road.  The road was narrow, I could see over the edge of the mountain at times.  It was frightening as we drove around a very steep corner only to have to hit the breaks because a bicyclist was coming down on the wrong side of the road.  Great lesson to be learned here--don't cut corners.  The bicyclist was trying to save a few seconds of time but in reality, it could have cost him his life.  Luckily for us, we weren't going very fast because the incline was sharp and Casey was able to react quickly.  It still shook me up and every time we faced another blind turn we proceeded with caution because there were plenty of super fit people making the journey on bike.

As we finally neared the top, I saw plenty of pull out places where we could have stopped and watched the sunset.  I would encourage Casey to stop at every pull off because I could tell we were near the top and this was probably good enough.  He kept at going to the top though.  I didn't realize how beautiful the very top would be (neither did he).  A few hundred feet really did make a huge difference in the amount of scenery to admire.  Another great lesson was learned--always keep going.  Even when you think you are close enough and view is pretty.  Keep going because the top will be gorgeous! 
Waiting for the sun to set...
(I wished for clouds--sunsets are SO much better with
big fluffy clouds reflecting the pink and oranges!)
We met some new friends while we were up there.  I am not big on conversing with strangers but a lady asked us if it was Lake Utah we were looking at.  Casey responded that it was but we call it Utah Lake.  Obviously she wasn't from around her so I quietly urged Casey to ask them where they were from.  I wasn't brave enough.  My whole life I have been taught to not talk with strangers and yet suddenly, its ok....  I am certain that serving a mission would have been an adjustment for me!  

Anyway, we found out that the lady (probably in her mid to upper 30s) was from Florida and the young man (probably around our age--likely slightly older) was from South Carolina.  The two of them had just met in their meeting at APEX security systems; they were here for training.  Neither had been to Utah before and decided to take in the surroundings in the evening after their training had finished for the day.  They asked what were some good things to go see  for the next few days and we came up with a list.  Our top "attraction" for them to visit was Temple Square.  This allowed us to talk about our beliefs a little and I liked it!  Though, at times, I felt like I had NO idea what to say!!  I am grateful to have such a wonderful companion!! :)

Sunny (the lady) then randomly took a picture of us both while we were still waiting for the sun to set.  I had my sunglasses on and was looking away but caught a glimpse of a flash out of the corner of my eye.  As I turned my head, she realized she had been caught and quickly said that she would delete the picture; she was worried.  I didn't mind at all and stood up and took my sunglasses off so she could take a better picture of the two of us together.  Sunny was so surprised by my generosity.  It didn't bother me at all.  (Funny how I changed from being so hesitant to talk to strangers to being comfortable letting them take our picture!)  I hoped she saw something deeper in us and wanted to remember the way she felt from interacting with us.  It was obvious in our short conversation that our lifestyles were completely different and I really hoped she was touched by something deeper than just our communication.  (Casey concluded the reason she took a picture is because we were both dressed up-ish.  We have been fancier at times but we still looked really nice!  Great... so much for her feeling something different around us, according to this philosophy, she would think we were crazy, probably especially me because I was in a skirt.)
We are glowing--literally!  This was just as the sun was setting.
Sunny wandered off.  She was trying to chase down the deer to take their picture.  I personally doubt she was successful because they tend to run off the more you chase.  Another lesson learned--you can't force things to come to you.  You have to let them go and be patient and then they will come naturally.

We then had a chance to talk with Billy a little bit more.  He was a bit more quiet when Sunny was around.  He said something that really touched me; his comment more like he was talking to himself and we were merely eavesdropping.  He wondered how anyone could ever be depressed with a view as great as this.  I realized at that moment how easy it is to take things for granted.  How quick we are to rush around in the frantic of life and forget to take time to pause to enjoy the moment.  Its easy to be so caught up with the missing button that you forget to notice the beautiful dress.  (Wow!  Its obvious that clothing must really be on my mind.  I recently learned the first half of my student teaching experience is going to be sewing oriented... I'm nervous!)  It was another great lesson (or great reminder) to make time to enjoy the simple things in life and to not take huge blessings for granted.  (By the way, I am not suggesting that looking at the mountains everyday will be a cure-all solution to depression!)
I love this!!!
This picture shows a little bit better of us matching--Casey's shirt and my skirt! :)
Despite the lack of clouds, the sunset was still very beautiful!
As our final goodbye to summer, we stopped at McDonald's on the way home and shared a sundae.  It really has been a wonderful first married summer adventure--even though Casey was in school for most of the time.  Although I am sad to see the season come to a close (though not the extreme hot--that I am just grateful to let go of!), I am eager for what the future holds.  I am really looking forward to student teaching and Casey is excited to actually be able to take classes of his choice (meaning in his major) instead of just generals.
It is hard to see but our arms are linked--it was romantic! :)

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