Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome Home Pres. Millburn!

Please note:  I wrote this blog on July 18, 2010.  I was waiting until I put the pictures on my computer.  But I guess I just forgot about it.  I was going to delete it this morning and decided the information was still great--even if it is a few weeks old!
Pres. Millburn
Today we had the opportunity to drive to Centerville to listen to Casey's mission president give their "homecoming" talks.  The chapel was packed as thick as you could stick (and it was a HUGE chapel!!)!  But it was so wonderful for me to finally meet these people that Casey loves so dearly.  And Pres. & Sis. Millburn are such wonderful people!!!

Sis. Millburn bore her sweet and sincere testimony.  She talked about how it felt like they were preparing for a large zone conference this morning.  She truly is a spiritual giant and it is easy to see why everyone fell in love with her.

The "choir" today was all of the Virginia Richmond Returned Missionaries.  The choir was strong and bold.  The spirit was sweet and filling.  The stage was completely filled and then some.  The unity was real.  The love was eternal.  As all the RMs (and sister RMs) sang with power, it brought Pres. Millburn to tears.

Listening to Pres. Millburn was touching and very humbling.  He has a cheerful heart and compassion filled his soul.  He was talking about how all of his missionaries were not supposed to have companions of the opposite gender--he checked the "White Missionary Handbook."  But then he was grateful to see the couples and decided that those that were not sitting with someone opposite that he would be interviewing them later today.  All joking aside though, his testimony was powerful.  He is a great example of living what you believe.  

After, Sacrament meeting ended, we waited in a very long line to shake their hands.  As I met Pres. Millburn, he told me how terrific Casey was.  He kept gushing about how wonderful Casey was as a missionary and that they missed him dearly but was so deeply pleased to see how happy we were.  

The lessons Casey learned from Pres. and Sis. Millburn are priceless.  I am so grateful for their sacrifice because Casey became that much more of a spiritual giant himself on his mission.
Sis. Millburn

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