Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sausage, skilled and sign ;)

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for my darling husband!!!  When the alarm went off, I fell back asleep this morning.  He got up and made me a delicious hot breakfast!!!!  I am such a lucky girl! :)  I woke up (and got out of bed) to the smell of sausage cooking this morning.  Thanks so much sweetheart!!! :D

Teaching went well today!  My student teacher was impressed and I felt good about it!  When I was explaining their breadstick lab (p.s. SO yummy!!!), I had them flip over their other assignment so they wouldn't be tempted to color/ work on it while I was explaining what to do.  My mentor teacher thought that was so impressive that I thought of that because according to her, that was something that a skilled teacher would do.  I'm a "skilled teacher!!" :)

I also forgot to mention in my last post how it is such a HUGE blessing that all of the Deaf kids have their locker right out my door--literally, I can watch them every time they come to their locker.  Some of them didn't understand how to do the combination correctly and it has been such a great help to them that I could explain it in the language they understand.  Most of the teachers have been constantly explaining how to open lockers to all of the students outside their door for the past week and I thought it was wonderful that I could be there to help the Deaf kids with ASL--even if my speaking skills are getting rusty because I don't use it regularly.  In the past week, my ASL has improved and I am once again talking to myself in it.  LoL!


Lorelei said...

Yay for ASL! And I'm not surprised you are a skilled teacher! :-) Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Nice style. I want to be able to write that way.