Sunday, September 5, 2010

week 1

I love junior high!  It is crazy to say that but holy cow, I seriously LOVE teaching!  Although I haven't really taught very much yet--this past week was more observing and writing lesson plans, I already love it.  Several times each day, I find reasons why I am so blessed to be assigned to the school I am.  It is a great experience and my mentor teacher is fabulous.  We have different styles on some teaching things but we get a long so well!  I feel like I have known her and been super close friends for years!  On Friday, she surprised me with some lotion as a "Congratulations, you made it through your first week" gift.  That was so thoughtful on her part and means so much to me!  Plus, the lotion is lavender!  Not lavender blend just lavender!  And lavender is a soothing smell to me that I have trained myself to fall asleep with.  My mentor teacher didn't just give me lotion, she gave me a bottle of sleep!!!!

While I was at back to school night, some of the parents took me aside and told me about all of their student's problems.  I have also sat in on an IEP meeting and read several other reports.  It was shocking to see how many people had problems but then I thought about it and decided that we all have problems and wished I could get reports on everyone.  But anyway, one of my students is a mute.  I didn't know what that meant and I spent a fair amount of time researching it.  I wanted to make this student feel welcome and on the first day I was there I smiled at this student and didn't know what to expect in return.  But I got a smile back!!!!  It melted my heart and I think I feel in love with teaching at that moment!  These students are real--problems and all--but I have an opportunity to hopefully touch their lives.  I'm so excited about it!

On Thursday, I realized I forgot my phone at home as I walked through the school doors.  Oh well, I would just have to go without my "right arm" for the day.  (I have heard people joke before that someone would rather loose an arm than their phone.)  One of the classes is a homework/ study hall type of a thing.  I was at the back of the room making a poster about the sewing machine rules for my 7th graders in CTE.  I look up and see Casey standing to my left.  He gave me a super short kiss and then told me that he had brought my "right arm" to me!  It was SO sweet!!!  By this point, all of the students are DEAD silent and staring at us.  These kids are NEVER quiet.  Casey kissed me again and then left.  As soon as he was out the door, one of the girls asked me, "Is that your boyfriend?"  I responded nicely and told her it was my husband but I wanted to ask what part of MRS. do you not understand???  The title in front of my names says I'm married!!!  Not to mention I wear a wedding ring!!!  The situation really made me laugh inside though.

Writing lesson plans takes up all of my spare time.  I am at school all day and then come home and write lesson plans till I crash at night.  I spread things out across our entire living room floor--you can see exactly where I sit because their is literally a semi-circle going around my "spot".  I have to see all of the worksheets and probably 15 tabs on the internet of lesson plan ideas to figure out what I want to do.  I probably could get away with doing less.  But writing these plans isn't about me or my time.  It is about my students and I care about them.  I want them to succeed and learn as well as enjoy my class.  I am SO excited to teach some of them!!!  As I have been planning and figuring out what I want to do (my mentor teacher is super flexible and if I don't like something she is doing, I change it to fit how I want to teacher)  I become so giddy.  I can hardly wait to teach some of the lessons because I know the kids will enjoy them (at least I know I will!).  

I look forward to dinner time every night now.  I am SO (and will be forever) grateful that we can eat dinner together.  This is honestly about the only time I see and converse with Casey during the day.  We normally get up in the morning at the same time but end up just rushing around trying to get ready.  In some of my classes at BYU, we would talk about how sacred dinner time is and I am already beginning to see it.  It is our "pause from life and reunite as a family" time.  I can already tell that dinner time will continue to be one of my favorite moments as we start having kids and they grow up and get busy with activities. 

Casey is enjoying his classes.  Though he says that the classes he wants to start slowly (i.e. generals, esp. biology) are starting off sprinting and the classes he wants to jump right into (i.e. computer classes) are barely getting going.  He has to keep track of participation points in one of his class.  He is required to follow a blog and comment on it.  I. Am. Jealous.  He spends practically all of his time studying too, in his "office" (aka the desk in our room).

We went on a lovely date to the temple together and then drove to Utah Lake and walked up and down a sidewalk/ trail at dusk.  It was pretty but we didn't stay out to long because the mosquitoes were flocking to us in abundance.  Seriously about every other step I would feel one land on my arm or see them fly right in front of my face.  We ended up going to Winco and bought a HUGE bag of bulk granola cereal (Casey's favorite) and also everything to make smore's.  For an upcoming date, we are going to go on a picnic up a canyon and start a nice campfire.  We are both really looking forward to it!

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Cami said...

haha. Love the part about the Mrs. :) I don't know how many times I had to explain what the difference was between Mrs, Miss, Ms. They called me Mrs. P all the time. They don't remember the difference. :) They try. I'm glad you love junior high!! That was my favorite!!!