Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday Celebration :)

I could hardly believe that it was already my birthday.  The week before, I had lost track because of the fast paced/ so much to do environment which is standard for student teachers.  Casey did so much to make my birthday special for me!!!  I will treasure the memories forever! :D

Casey woke up early and made me a delicious breakfast.  It was chocolate chip pancakes--heart shaped-- and eggs.  Yum!

While at school, Casey then brought me a dozen roses during the middle of one of my classes.  (My birthday was actually the first time teaching this class... made for an interesting day!)  The roses were SO beautiful and I was so excited! :)  They are my favorite kind for sure and Casey knows that.  (Sidenote: the roses ALL still look BEAUTIFUL today!!!  They have lasted for a long time!)  I have always dreamed of getting flowers at school!  Casey totally made my dream a reality!!!  He also brought a bag of mixed tootsie rolls for my class.  They thought it was the greatest thing ever!!  They all sang to me and I enjoyed that! :D  It was amazingly enough two other girls birthday as well.  I gave away one of my roses because the one girl didn't have anything--the other girl was given some roses from someone--and every girl deserves flowers on her birthday! 
This is in my classroom when Casey came to drop off roses.
I drew balloons next to the date on the white board!
BTW: the image on the projector screen is from the "Elmo."
 It is a sweet camera that I use for demos all the time!
My mentor teacher also wanted to do something to celebrate my birthday so she ordered sandwiches and picked them up.  They were from Honey Baked Ham.  I didn't know they made sandwiches but I have one word--delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey came and picked me up after school.  We had to drive separately though because he had driven his car to campus (normally he rides the bus) in order to facilitate buying roses. He beat me home.  As I walked in the door, I saw my birthday cake.  Casey had decorated it and made it double layered.  I was so shocked when I saw this because I couldn't figure out how he had time....
This really is still the same day, even though I changed shirts.
The pale yellow one would not have held up with modesty very well in the rain.
And please ignore my crazy/ wavy hair.
 It does that when it rains and I can't really control it too well...
After school, we rented "Letters to Juliet."  I watched this movie once in theaters with my sister.  We rarely watch movies so this truly was a special treat!  I really like that movie and honestly think it is up on my top favorites list.  

It downpour rained on my birthday.  Crazy enough, it was record breaking heat the day before.  Autumn seems to be here to stay and I don't mind!
I know this picture probably seems random and it is!  But I loved it!
This was what the sun roof (aka "rain roof") looked like on my birthday.
That tree over hangs our driveway.  
There was a Fiesta that night at the city library.  We weren't sure what to expect and neither of us have any Spanish skills.  (We both took it in Jr. High.  Casey remembers more than I do, but that is not really saying too much...)  It was lots of fun though!!  I loved watching all of the Spanish dances and even listening to the people sing in Spanish.  Even though I didn't understand the meaning, the song tone was still beautiful!
This was my favorite dance to watch!  I love the twirly skirts!!!
The day before, I opened presents with my family while we were up for my brother's reception.  My sister gave me some pumpkin smelly spray--love it!  She says that Bath and Body Works has other pumpkin flavors and I would love to smell them too. 

We went out to lunch at Chilli's with Casey's mom and his sister and nieces on Saturday.  My parents took us out to dinner on Tuesday to the Olive Garden.  Both were wonderful! :D

I loved my cards and also enjoyed reading through so many happy birthday wishes on Facebook.  Wow!  FB sure has a way to make a girl feel special! ;)  Thanks so much!!!

It truly was a wonderful birthday and I am so thankful to have spent the day with my sweetheart!  My childhood wishes finally came true.... ;)

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