Sunday, October 24, 2010


This past weekend, we traveled to Boise for my brother's wedding reception.  We stayed in a Marriott suite with my parents and sister.  It was perfect because we each had our own room (well, my sister's "room" was the hide-a-way bed in the couch in the living room) and we each could control our room's temperature.  I loved that!

While we were driving, we listened to Conference.  It was nice to hear again!  Well, at least the parts of it that I was awake for.  I don't know what the deal is but put me in a car for long periods of time and I fall asleep.  It is really odd because I have a very difficult time taking naps but in the car... I'm out!  Casey and I would trade off driving.  But he ended up driving more because I would get so tired.  I'm really grateful that he doesn't have the same driving sleepiness thing that I do! :)

As we were driving up, we stopped in Twin Falls to see the temple.  It was very pretty--all temples are!  It reminded me of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in Salt Lake.  We wanted to go in the temple but the hours were not convenient.  It is a small temple and you have to plan your schedule to fit when the temple is open.  It was at least nice to drive past though and take pictures! :D
Twin Falls, ID

Temples = Love Eternal!
After our short photo shoot, we kept traveling to Boise.  We were the first ones to arrive and I was really grateful that the hotel allowed us to check in under my parents reservation.  (My mom called ahead and explained what was happening.)  I had been to Boise a few times when I was very young but I didn't really remember too much about it.

We went to the temple in Boise.  I love how the church is true no matter where you are!  This temple is very small (maybe I am just used to a huge one) but everything was still the same.  I love serving inside the temple! There is such a wonderful feeling and peace that come.  I am also always filled with an eternal love!  Additionally, prayers are answered! :)  After the temple, we found a locally owned "mom & pop" restaurant.  It was delicious!!!!  So good in fact, that we insisted on going back to it again with my whole family!
Boise, ID
I love temples!
The next day, we went to a Chinese restaurant and were able to see my grandma again.  (She is a step grandma and I don't really remember seeing her after my grandpa died when I was in first grade.)  It was nice visiting with her and realizing how much she still cares about each of us--even though we have had very limited contact.  After we finished eating, Casey and I went and walked around her house together.  I have some very slight memories of it.  They have this super cool "tree" house (it actually is a room that sits on top of their garage).  I'm not sure if I remember playing in it or simply remember it because of the pictures I have seen but either way, it was awesome to take Casey up there.  My grandma told me that my grandpa built everything--I had no idea!  It made the little house even cooler.
Brian & Jenae`
Dad, Mom & Julie
Me & my sweetheart!
Family Picture
(the restaurant had this sweet painting on one wall)
I just thought this was cool.  It is a chandelier that obviously is shaped like a ship.
After our excursion, we went home and worked on homework.  Exciting, I know but such is the life of a student...  (And my TWS is almost done... still have a bit more to write but thankfully I got as much done as I did in Boise!)  Casey studied a lot and even took a test.

The next day, I went shopping with my mom and my sister in the morning.  It was fun wandering around trying to find last minute forgotten items for the reception later that night.  I miss hanging out with my mom and sister so this was a nice "girl" retreat!
It was very fancy!  The colors were blue and purple.
the food

the cake
(I loved watching the lady decorate and arrange the flowers!)
Bride & Groom
We all had to wear blue.  (Her family was purple.)
awh!!! I LOVE this picture!!
I'm an equal "arch" kisser... LoL!
BTW:  I made the scarf I'm wearing... my sister has a matching one
(but we don't have a picture of us together...)
 We checked out the next morning and started driving back home.  Casey planned out which time church would work the best with where we would be.  We ended up picking a ward in Twin Falls because it started at a time when we would be driving through.  Afterwards we stopped and took a scenic picture then headed home.  We were blessed to be able to eat dinner with his mom that night and we were both deeply grateful!
The Snake River
The water was really green!

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