Sunday, October 24, 2010

Campfire Date

So, as I was downloading the pictures from Boise, I found these pictures from our Campfire Date about one month ago.  (It was during September's full moon, "Harvest Moon.")  I decided it was better late than never! :)  We had a campfire for the evening with just the two of us.  It was great to just get away and enjoy life for the evening! :D

I love the colors of fall!!!

Casey building our fire!

I made "Muffins in an Orange."
This is one of my *favorite* campfire recipes!!!
Learned about it when I was a Girl Scout Camp Counselor.

Sorry its so blurry.  Fire is hard to take a good picture of...
(This is the best one we have that shows the color of the flame.)

We forgot our roasting stick... so Casey is making one from a tree branch/ limb.

Roasting our Hot Dogs.
We had to be careful not to burn the stick!
The stick also gave things a slightly interesting taste...
but don't worry, we are obviously still alive! :)

Enjoying the warmth from the fire and watching the stars.
The moon was SO bright that night!!!  I loved it! :)

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