Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cookie update

This morning, my 7th graders were making a wish list of what they want to have/ own/ be doing when they are 25.  After their list of expenses was complete, most of them needed $60,000 plus annual salaries.  I wonder if we (meaning Casey) will be done with school by the time we are 25--personally I doubt it.  Anyway... before the kids started making their wish lists, they had to take a guess at what they thought their parents paid for housing and utilities and food and etc per month.  (It was obvious that most of them really have NO clue!)  Well, one boy raised his hand and asked me what the "health" category meant.  I tell him to guess how much his parents are paying for insurance, dr.'s visits, medicine, etc per month.  He told me that his family didn't have health insurance because his dad was laid off.

Well, his comment made me cry.  I fought off the tears and tried to remain composed.  The reason his comment made me cry is because this is the same student that brought me cookies (I posted about that briefly yesterday).  His generosity and kindness touched me!!  I didn't ask if his mom was working or not--I honestly have no idea.  But I do know that their family must be struggling having his dad be laid off and yet he still shared the cookies he and his sister made with me.  Wow!!!  If that kid only knew how much his sweet actions meant to me....  I wrote him a thank you note (actually one of my star notes) and expressed my thanks but somehow I just feel like my words are inadequate for my deep level of gratitude.... :)

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