Monday, October 18, 2010

a few random thoughts...

Boise was wonderful!  Details and pictures to come....  We were both sad that our short vacation had to end so quickly.  We would have been content staying in Boise for another week!!  But fall break ended which means life goes back to school.  It was wonderful to sleep on our own bed last night though.  (The one at the motel was great but it was nice to be home!)

Yesterday we went to church in a random ward in Twin Falls.  We checked out of the motel and started driving then stopped later. Coincidentally, we happened to pick the ward of one of my BYU friends who graduated last April.  It really is a small world!

This is my last week at the junior high!!!  YEAH!!!  It has been a great experience with huge learning moments.  I will miss my students but this means that I'm half way done with student teaching. :D  Next week, I will start at the high school and be teaching foods.  I am looking forward to both because I have always loved working with high school aged kids more and cooking is my favorite!

I had a student make me cookies.  I think they were pumpkin flavored and my classes know how much I love pumpkin.  It was SO sweet of him!!!  I had another student make me pumpkin pancakes (see with the pumpkin) and I am really excited to get this recipe!  I was surprised with how thoughtful the kids were!

Our furnace was red tagged by Questar.  This means it is permanently turned off until it gets fixed.  When some people came out to our house to figure out what was wrong, they thought it would likely be cheaper to buy a whole new furnace.  I'm sure our landlord was "thrilled" with the announcement....  (Can you read the sarcasm??)

I only have 3 more chapters to write in my Teacher Work Sample.  I am making progress!!!  I would love to write a longer blog with pictures but I have to start and finish one of those three chapters tonight.


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

i love that you call the different sections in your TWS 'chapters' haha. :)

and i'll be curious to hear your reactions about teaching high school v. jr. high. so many of us discovered that we THOUGHT we liked high school better, but really LOVE jr. high.

good luck! :)

Nicole Manwaring said...

What ward in Twin Falls did you end up in?

Lisa said...

It was yours Nicole. You and Jason were sustained in a calling (I don't know what because I was so shocked to hear your name that I was frantically searching for you.) You weren't there... :(