Sunday, October 3, 2010

Receptions and Conference

I wanted to share a few pictures from this weekend.  It has been very enjoyable but also so super busy!!!  I know this coming week is just going to get busier so I figured I should do it now.

We spent the weekend at Casey's mom's house.  I was able to sleep on a water bed for the first time.  (Casey used to sleep on this bed before we got married; he loves it!)  It was an interesting experience for me and lets just say that I am grateful to sleep on a mattress normally.

The reason we stayed the weekend is because Friday night, we went to a reception for my cousin.  Before the reception, my parents took us out to dinner to Costa Vida!  Yum!  The reception was held up at This is the Place Heritage Park.  It was fun!
I love matching! :)
With my parents at my cousin's reception...
Then on Saturday, I woke up early to go help set up my brother's reception.  I was ironing a lot!  I left to go watch Saturday Morning General Conference Session with my sweetheart at his mom's house.  I really loved all of Conference and am so thankful to have such a wonderful opportunity to watch it.  We both took notes for some of the sessions and I am excited to discuss what we learned together as well as study the Ensign in the coming months.

Anyway, we went out with Casey's family for lunch to Chilli's.  I had been craving a salad a little while ago and was pleased with my selection!  I also got free ice cream because we were celebrating my birthday!  Sweet! :)

Brian's reception went well.  It was so weird being back in the cultural hall because the last time either Casey or myself were in there was on our wedding day when it was our reception.  We also joined in dancing and had a wonderful time laughing together! :D  (Hopefully, I will post some of their pictures with the family soon!)
Does the arch look familiar?
Maybe this helps!!! :D :D
The arch was from our wedding--just decorated different...
I'm "Lucky I'm in LOVE with my Best Friend!"
After the reception was cleaned up and Casey returned from the Priesthood Session of Conference, we all went out to eat at Golden Corral.  The food was delicious!!!  But I could NOT believe that we were eating dinner at like 9pm.  Holy Cow!!  I am willing to take a shot in the dark but I am almost certain that this did not help with my inability to sleep last night....

This morning most of Casey's Aunts and Uncles came to watch Conference at his mom's house.  This was the first time I met some of them because they live in Idaho and Montana.  It was enjoyable being able to meet more of his family members!!!  They were all so sweet and loving.  They brought a warm comfortable feeling and it was great.
We forgot our tripod... So the angle is kind of weird because the camera was balanced on some
pillows stacked on top of a chair.  Oh well!  The angle is odd but the memories are amazing!
BTW:  I could see a strong family resemblance between Casey and his uncle on the far left.
And he has our same last name!!!  I love it! :)

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