Saturday, November 20, 2010

continuing to grow

FYI:  I wrote this earlier this morning when I woke up and Casey was still sleeping... I forgot to post it because we went and enjoyed the hotel's breakfast (we were celebrating our One Year Anniversary!!!) together!  :)

While my sweetheart is sleeping, I thought I would post the highlights of this week.  It has been SO busy!!!

I never thought I would say this but I honestly think I would prefer teaching sewing over foods.  I never realized how much TIME it takes to go to the store and shop for 4 classes.  I assume if I was more familiar with the store, it would be faster but I ended up just wandering up and down every aisle trying to find the things I need--I still missed them and had to ask for help.  I basically have no prep hour because it is spent at the store.  This means I end up writing more lesson plans at home in the evening.  When I taught sewing first block, I was stressed because I wasn't sure what I was doing but quickly learned that I had plenty of skills to teach a junior high level.  I could totally teach junior high sewing!!  (High school is still questionable... I think it would be a huge challenge/ impossible because many of the advanced upper level classes, I would not know enough.)

I have decided that I could be happy teaching at either high school or junior high.  They are different but I don't really have a preference.  It is fun teaching junior high because they kids want to please you and talk to you.  The kids all wanted to "be my friend."  (Whatever that means in terms of a student-teacher relationship...LoL!)  The junior high was hard because they are SO talkative.  They can be a problem to handle.  I set the boundaries very strict though.  Kids kept pushing and pushing but eventually realized that I was not going to give in.  After that, they were all happy and realized they could not get away with much.
High school on the other hand is more laid back.  I do have a few talking problems but I have mastered my "really why are you doing that/ I will just wait until you are quiet/ teacher look" and the kids will quiet themselves.  I like high school though because the kids are older and I don't feel like I am babysitting quite as much.  I left a class to take their quizzes through the scantron.  I came back in and it was like they didn't even care that I was gone.  No big deal.  I like being able to participate more in clubs.  I don't really like how kept to themselves they are.  Some kids talk to me but not as much.  It is amazing what a difference it is between the two settings.

On Wednesday this week, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed.  I did not know how I would have time to put all of the countless bags of groceries away and set up the lab for my next class.  And it was a hard lab because each group was making a different vegetable recipe (practicing techniques to help prevent nutrient loss in cooking--steaming, baking, stir-frying, & microwaving).  I had to have every laid out on the demo table and separated for each kitchen because the kids would take too much (probably accidentally) if it wasn't in piles.  Nightmare!  Well, a miracle happened this day.  My mentor teacher started helping me with everything.  She has never done this before.  I didn't ask her but apparently the spirit did.  I was so grateful.  She just started putting things away and sorting (so much easier for her because she has taught these same recipes over and over and over) and placing the correct number of ziplock bags on items that needed to be separated.  My job evolved from having to do everything and having a nervous breakdown to simply dividing pasta, snap peas, shrimp, etc into equal parts in the predetermined baggies.  I was so deeply grateful!  My mentor teacher seriously did answer my prayer that day--not in the way I expected either.  I was praying to be able to handle everything and to be made strong enough to deal with the situation.  My prayers were answered--I was strong enough to handle the situation because my responsibility was substantially decreased.

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to with FCCLA to a regional activity.  It was fun.  We went roller skating at Classical Skating.  Most teachers were sitting on the sides watching.  I quickly realized how long and boring this activity would be if I just sat there.  So I skated for about an hour and a half.  I enjoyed myself but was worried I would not be able move the next day.  Fortunately, nothing hurt on Wednesday!  I just enjoyed skating.  I was slightly disappointed that Casey couldn't come with me but he had a scheduled test at the same time.  He thinks his biology test went well!  We are both hoping and praying he did!  (That class is so hard!!  Why is it that some generals turn into the hardest class you will ever take... seriously!)

Well, I will end with this... (because we are celebrating our anniversary right now and I want to go eat the hotel's hot breakfast--yum!)  Yesterday my students were learning how to make vegetable garnishes (like a radish rose, carrot curls, celery fan and scalloped cucumbers--as a sidenote: I had no idea what I was doing.  I learned how to make all of these myself by watching videos on youtube.  I was nervous to begin with and then my supervisor from BYU came to observe my teaching skills.  Well, it all worked out pretty well--it could have been better but at least it didn't fail!  Anyway...).  After I demoed how to make all of the vegetable garnishes, each kitchen went back and a tray.  I was having a contest--for extra credit--the the best arrangement.  It was hard to pick because they all looked really good!  Well, if you remember my post from not long ago with the teddy bear fruit pizza, the same group decided to turn their vegetable tray into a nativity scene.  I don't think it really looks like it but their explanation was funny.

Jesus is white because he is wrapped up in swaddling clothes (peeled radish) and lying in a manger (veggie dip) with straw all around it (green peppers).  Mary and Joseph (cucumbers) are behind Jesus and then the wise men--there are more than 3 (celery) are standing behind Mary and Joseph.  All of the sheep are up close (cauliflower) and watching with the shepherds (radishes) behind the sheep.  The city folk--although it looks like more wise men to me... LoL! (cucumbers) are behind the shepherds.  Then there are trees (broccoli) and heavenly hosts sing Allelujiah and wrapping their arms around the stable (peeled carrots).  And of course there is a star (radish with toothpicks).  Ok so it really is a stretch--maybe you had to be there... ;)

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