Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday my love...

The highlights of Casey's 
Halloween Birthday!

"I <3 U" breakfast burritos

We went to church--and wore orange!
I asked the Bishop to wish Casey a happy birthday during the combined RS/ Priesthood meeting! :)

Casey's pumpkin birthday cake!
My decorating skills are improving! :D

Casey's first married birthday! :)
I love you sweetheart!!! <3
After church, we had a birthday party/ potluck dinner for Casey.

Some of our best friends...
I love watching how much Brandon loves Naomi!  It is so cute!!

(Brandon's wife)

Baby Naomi...  She was basically the star because she is SO adorable!
My sister wanted to join in the party but didn't want to drive for 6 hours...
We pulled her up on webcam and she watched Casey open all of his presents
and was able to sing Happy Birthday.
(technology--isn't it great!!)

My mom and dad.
(Mom is "babysitting" Julie.)

My brother
Casey's sister and brother-in-law

Casey's mom

His nieces...
They have only been down here a couple of times but every time the LOVE
to get out the Mr. Potato Head!!
...make a wish...
(He blew them all out in one breath!!)

My birthday card to him! <3
THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that came!!!  Casey *loved* his party--it meant so much having all of our family together!  And also, thank you very much for your thoughtful gifts--he really appreciates each of them! :)

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