Thursday, November 4, 2010

i'm so blessed

I know this post titles sounds cheesy but really I am.  Today, I had the opportunity of driving up during lunch and 3rd period with my mentor teacher and a couple of students to the "Food and Care Coalition" in Provo.  We dropped off 494.6 pounds of canned food.  Getting it from the FFA (my school has FFA!!!  I didn't even know what that was....  And in case any other city folk are reading this it is Future Farmers of America.) truck to the cart and then to the scale was interesting but we are strong girls. ;)  The reality of the donation still did not hit me as we stood there and watched the scale increase in weight.  Then we went on a tour....  I was so touched and so humbled.  I thought I was going as the teacher but really I feel like I learned the most.  The Coalition serves meals to people who literally have nothing.  I look at them and realize how much Casey and I do have.  Driving back to the school, I was thinking of all of the blessings we share.  Sure we have lots of "things" and food to eat and a place to sleep (all of which the people we saw did not...) but honestly my largest blessings can't be measured with scientific evidence!  I'm just deeply grateful for my love (Casey), my life, and my Light (the gospel)!!!

All the canned food boxed up and on the scale.
So now you might be wondering why my school had so many cans... Or maybe not--it seems like everyone does food drives this time of year!  But allow me to share my article I wrote for the city newspaper anyway.  I am writing for the newspaper as my Public Relations project.  I'm pretty sure I have the sweetest PR project ever because I *love* writing!

"“Jungle Fever”
By: Lisa
“Jungle Fever” ran rampant at Payson High School. On Thursday, October 28, 2010 the ladies brought their dates to the cafeteria to dance the night away at Sadie Hawkins. This year Sadies was sponsored by Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). FCCLA is the only youth organization which has the family as the focus. FCCLA is supported by the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) classes. (Please note: These classes have previously been called Home Ec.) FCCLA spent hours after school creating decorations, under the direction of Meg & Sarah (names have been changed), to transform the school cafeteria into a jungle filled with lions (our mascot), exotic birds, monkeys, giraffes and even hippos. These girls envisioned vines, balloons and the names of everyone attending written on leaves. The decorations came together beautifully and the students loved it.  FCCLA appreciated the help from the different FACS classes. Through cross curriculum the poster advertisements, which hung in the hallways of the school, were created by the Beginning Interior Design classes, the Advanced Culinary Arts class made the refreshments of chocolate chip cookies and the Early Childhood Education class helped hang the decorations. With 130 couples attending, the dance was filled with matching shirts of all kinds including personalized M&Ms, hunting jackets, scarves and countless others. The “Jungle Fever” memories will be cherished for years to come by all of the students. The local food pantry is also making their own memories with 494.6 pounds of canned food through the generosity of Payson High students. The students were encouraged to bring in canned food items during the pre ticket sales in exchange for a discounted dance ticket."
Here is one of the Lions...
Please note:  I erased the names on the leaves... they used to look much cooler! :)

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