Thursday, November 11, 2010

Never a dull moment...

Today at school, we were on a very unusual schedule.  We had an assembly celebrating Veteran's Day.  It was interesting.  Honestly, I just enjoyed sitting there for about an hour even if we were listening to different various speakers sharing their experience with Veteran's Day.  One girl read a report describing the history of how this day came to be.  I knew a lot of it but still learned some "I could win Jeopardy" facts... LoL!

Yesterday was district collaboration and we had to leave the second (literally) school got out so we could head up to the district office.  Whitney and I (sidenote: I *love* carpooling!!  Whitney is the best to talk with... it makes our long drive seem not long enough--well almost.  One morning though we were so caught up in the conversation we totally missed the exit on the freeway and ended up driving for about 5ish miles to the next exit to get off and proceed to back track...) have no idea where this thing was.  I googled some directions but my mentor teacher told us a different way that would be easier.  I scribbled down her instructions and we basically just went for it.  Anyway--super long story--to say, I didn't have time to get anything prepped yesterday before I left school.  Ugh...  That made my morning more frantic.  I was getting super stressed during my prep hour (my PREP hour for goodness sake!) today as I was trying to get everything done.  Finally I decided to just do the most important parts and I would come back to the rest later.  I still have some catching up to do  (especially with grades).

Well, classes were shorter today than they normally are because of the assembly.  But to make the classes even shorter, we had an extended lunch hour.  It was because the faculty were having a Thanksgiving luncheon.  Sweet!  Free food (I was SO full after!) and a long time to just sit and enjoy! :)

I realized today that even with the most detailed planning, there are some situations in which you just can not plan.  For example (to add to the already crazy day) 5 minutes before lunch is supposed to start, an announcement is made to hold all of the students in class because their was a sewage leak at the Jr. High (apparently we are neighbors--the jr. high is on the other side of the football field... who knew??) and all of the jr. high students are now at the high school eating lunch.  We have to hold the high school students in class until all of the jr. high kids clear the cafeteria and halls.  The jr. high kids are then (supposed) to be in the auditorium watching a movie but instead a large group of them are wandering the halls....  Well, as this story works out, it makes the short classes even shorter.  And I am now wondering how I am supposed to do a food lab with my students...?

Well, guess what?  The food lab (miraculously) worked out!  I don't know how they had time to finish everything but they all somehow pulled it off.  It was SO stressful though.  Especially for me because I had to help solve all of the frantic problems.  The students learned how to make fruit pizza today.  It emphasized the vitamins and minerals from the lesson the kids learned about last time as well as taught about calculating cost per serving.  It worked out.  But I hope I never have to do a food lab with about half of the time you originally planned for... ugh...

All of this is for my experience right??  It certainly keeps me on my toes!  :)  And it truly is never a dull moment when your students create this...
...for their fruit pizza.

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