Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am loving high school!  I only have like 4-5 weeks left.  Not entirely sure but the end is SO close!  (I really need to finish my TWS!!!  And build my portfolio!)  If anyone knows of any FACS openings in either SLC or UT county PLEASE let me know!!!!

We have been incredibly busy with Sadies, going to the temple, Casey' birthday party, dishes after the party (we even used paper and plastic... I have no idea how they piled up so fast), "fancy" (meaning I make something) dinners almost every night, dentist visit, driving home back to school and home again because I forgot my laptop, and lesson planning!  Casey's time is filled with homework of all sorts too.

My teeth are still having problems.  This has been an on going problem for basically the year.  Well, we went back to a dentist (picked one at random and unfortunately the random dentist was very expensive!!  But they were able to do some great x-rays with sweet technology...) and learned that my teeth are fine.  There is no problems of any sort in the entire region they are hurting.  Our next guess in sinuses but I have been on antibiotics twice already this year.  If it is sinus, it either keeps coming back or is not being killed entirely.  We are not sure what to do but would appreciate lots of prayers!  I'm not sleeping well (to be honest some nights now consist of me laying in bed crying because the pain hurts so much and medicine isn't helping...) and because of me having problems, so is Casey.  He lays there wondering what to do with me.  The pain is really weird!  Sometimes it hurts so bad, I just cry (not normal for me because I have a fairly high pain tolerance) and other times the hurt is more like a dull ache.  It cycles.  I wish we could just know what is wrong but can't seem to get any definite answers.  We visited an ENT Dr. before and are now considering going back... ugh!  I just want the pain to go away... :(  I'm really serious about asking for your prayers....

I can't believe it is already November!  Last year this time I was jumping up and down because it was finally our wedding month!!!  Now, I have no idea how it is already November.  What happened to all of September and October??  How have we already been married for almost an entire year???

Well, I know this is just random, not connected thoughts... sorry about that!  But instead of having time to write more or connect things better, I have to go back to finishing lesson planning....  But, I am practically done with what is due tomorrow!  Yeah! :)

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Tricia said...

Maybe you have a cracked tooth. My dad had a tiny crack in his tooth that no one ever noticed because it ran parallel to the side of his mouth and never showed up in x-rays. Whatever it is, I hope you get it fixed soon!

I'm glad you like high school!!! What are you teaching?