Thursday, December 2, 2010 will give you experience...

Within the past week or so, I have had a lot of teacher learning moments.  I guess it is good because it will give me experience so I can handle all of these delicate situations with ease when I am on my own but honestly I would be alright if my experiences were done!

During class, I had two students start fighting.  I saw it fairly quickly and went over to them and it ended quickly. I sent one student out in the hall so I could talk to him and hope he would calm down.  He ended up leaving class altogether.  At that point, I honestly didn't really care because I had the two of them separated.  I learned how to stop a fight and not get punched in the process and then I learned how to report it to the administration.  Lovely.

In another class, I learned how to fill out an accident report.  I warned all of my students that the brand new knives were extremely sharp.  Well, one of the students learned just how sharp it was.  He sliced his finger and took off a small chunk of his thumb tip.  Neither of the wounds were very bad.  I put on gloves and bandaged him up and then learned about all of the legal paperwork.

Let's see... I have also learned about how to write a sub plan.  Ugh.  I think it is more work to get everything ready for the sub then it is to just do it myself.  I probably left a way to detailed lesson plan that likely won't be read anyway.  I wanted to be prepared!  At least I left the lesson plan in a normal bullet outline instead of UBD stuff.

I also learned how crucial it is to really know what you are talking about when you are teaching.  I spent many countless hours making a Jeopardy game to use as a test review.  Unfortunately at least 90% (if not 95%) of the test was something my mentor teacher taught long before I came.  I did the best I could with it but was still struggling.  The students started arguing with me about something on it and I didn't know how to answer their questions.  Why did I not know how to answer their questions?  Because it wasn't my test and the material on it wasn't even something I had taught.  I learned to make sure you are always prepared so you can come up with an answer to all of their unpredictable questions.

I learned how to print off grade reports (granted this changes from district to district).  I sent them home with the students with a required signature line.  I also mailed home reports to all of the students who were failing.  I really do hope these will help the kids students be more successful and motivated to hand in all of their missing assignments.

I have learned to endure to the end, even when I have a cold and a huge cold sore.  It hasn't always been fun but will be so worth it once I graduate!!!  Not that I am counting or anything but I am only teaching for 3 more days, going on a field trip for 1 and observing for 1.  Yipee!!

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