Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nativity Advent Calendar

Our "Spirit of Christ" Nativity Advent Calendar is finished!  (Click on the nativity advent calendar to go to the website where I got the pieces from... I made some changes to the days and order and scriptures... but it is the general idea!)  I hot glued the magnets on this morning while Casey was sleeping.  Then for our morning devotional we played "catch-up" and read all of the scriptures up to today--the 16th.  I love looking at our fridge!  I think it is ADORABLE and so festive but at the same time helps me remember the real reason for the season.
The pieces that already made it to Bethlehem...
(located on the top part of the fridge)
The pieces still waiting to come...
Se the numbers on them--sheep are easy to read
(located on the very bottom of the fridge)

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