Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a new Christmas tradition

(Background Information)  My companion prepared a lesson about Christmas and the true meaning of it.  We each came up with ideas for something we could do to help us not become so caught up in the frill and fluff and things of Christmas but instead to focus on the purpose.  My companion decided she wanted to start a tradition with her husband with this being her first year together and do something service oriented.  She wanted to begin it now so someday when she has kids, doing service during this season will just be a way of life.  I liked her idea!  We really do have to establish righteous habits before the kiddos arrive.

I thought my idea was cheesy but everyone loved it.  The first sister we visited has lots of gifts all wrapped with different colorful papers and beautiful bows.  As I shared my idea at her house, I kind of choked up a little because it means so much to us and I was afraid I would be made fun of.  The reason this started was because neither of us have jobs (though I have sent in my application to teach--seriously please keep praying, thinking positive and crossing your fingers that I will be hired!!!) and money is kind of tight.  I knew we would not be able to afford lots of "things" this year.  So as I am sharing our new Christmas tradition, I am looking under her tree and wondering if I should be sharing....  I began to feel so vulnerable--even though I have deeply grown to LOVE my companion and the sister we were with.  As we went to the next house and the next (we have a trio this month) my companion eagerly wanted me to share it again and again.  She was the one that suggested I "start a blog" or something to share it.  So instead of starting a whole new blog, it is going on here!

The idea is simple (and cost affordable) but has a deep meaning.  I happened to already own a cute reindeer with really long legs (the legs wrap around something like towels or jars of candy) so I wrapped it around an old Alfredo sauce jar.  This I guess would be the "frill" part--I wanted it to look cute.  I then took 5 pieces of printer paper (varying in different shades of Christmas colors) and folded them into 16 pieces.  Then I ripped them apart on the lines (real sophisticated here... I know! LoL!) 

Anyway... the reason and purpose for all of this... Throughout the whole month until December, (there are 10 days left till Christmas--anyone reading this could start this now and then join in if they wanted) Casey and I have been writing love notes to the other and then folding them up and placing them in the jar.  Ideas for love notes include: "I love you because..." "Thanks for helping me with..." "I appreciate you because..." etc.  It has made me really look deep to find good things to write about because I didn't want to write the same thing over and over.  We are both looking forward to Christmas morning to share our notes.  We are just going to randomly draw one out and then read it aloud (it doesn't matter who wrote it) and switch back and forth.  I am planning on keeping all of the notes and putting them in a frame in some sort of cute pattern or a scrapbook page or something else of the like.  Since this is something with just the two of us--we are going to read the notes with just the two of us.  As we add kids to party then they will be involved in writing notes (labeled with the receiver's name) and then we will read them as a family--my dream is after we open the presents and share Christmas breakfast but before we travel to extended family member's homes we will all sit down and read the notes.  I guess we will figure out the logistics when we get there... 

Happy Secret Love Note Writing!!
(sorry about the glow...)
P.S. as a follow up to my last post about eggnog... it really is DELICIOUS!  I *love* it and am already going to have to be making some more (I don't know if I will ever just settle for Meadow Gold again)--I just wish eggs were SO expensive right now! 


Lisa said...

just realized I should always proof read before I post... sorry!! I just read it and there are some minor problems. Hopefully you all get the general idea and catch the meaning! :)

Tiersha and Josh said...

I came home and told my husband the idea and the first thing he said was (with a big smile on his face), "That is a cute idea!"