Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 5 Christmas Lights of Happy Valley

We have really enjoyed being able to spend time together in the evening driving all over "happy valley" and looking for the best Christmas light displays.  Our nights have been filled with flipping U-Turns, getting lost (ok so I was the only one lost... my husband always knows where he is and how to get home!  So glad I married someone with a great sense of direction!!!), taking pictures, and sliding on the road.  (This part was NOT so fun... we slid out last night.  This is the first time I ever remember sliding out.  I covered my eyes and screamed... Thank goodness I wasn't driving!)  We did our best to figure out addresses so you can go visit the magical Christmas houses too! :)

This was SO beautiful with the snow falling!!!
It was hard to get it focused...
This is a cute "family" house.
1787 N. 2050 W., Provo (it is like practically on the border of Orem but we are pretty sure it is in Provo)

So when this goes on for THREE blocks... it is kind of hard to capture all of the magic in one picture...
~250 W. 1800 S., Orem (We are not kidding about mansion... the property is 3 blocks long.  250 W. is a street that creates a T with the "house".)

This would be better represented with a video!  Nearly everything changes/ has animation.
I loved the old fashioned characters! :)
3923 N. Riverwood Provo (This is off of 3700 N--a fairly major/ big street)

This nativity is HUGE!  It is so amazing to just stare at!
The title for #2 is accurate...it is a neighborhood deal!  This is across the street and SO COOL!
The trees are covered and have huge ornaments on them.  I LOVE it!
Please note: this is where we slid out.  We have seen this house before but forgot to take a picture.  So we went back last night... as amazing as it is--not really recommended in the snow
~310 N. Foothill Circle, Provo (310 is an address of a house on the same street.  Keep driving north until you reach the end of the circle.  This is a "No Outlet" street.  It is off of Iroquois Dr., which is the same road that is directly East of the temple.  When you come to that 4 way stop behind the temple, go straight--North--and then keep going.  The street will curve right and then go up and down many hills.  The name of the street, Foothill, is accurate...)

We watched in the car for probably 10 minutes. :)
The lights will dance in rhythm to their radio station.
This shows the lights changing...
DEFINITELY deserving of our #1 place to visit!!
 351 W. Center Street, Provo (This the city of Provo office building.  You just park on Center St.)
Happy Lights Sighting!
Staying warm inside our car! :)
P.S.  If anyone knows of any other SWEET displays--we would *love* an address! :)

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