Monday, January 24, 2011

Carl Bloch--quiet "book" idea

After you finish your tour of Carl Bloch--the Master's Hand then you have to wander over to the gift shop.  Normally, I try to avoid these things because gift shops in general tend to be over priced.

But... we were able to find a 10 pack of 5" x 7" (or is it 7" x 5"... I really don't know which measurement you write first but 5x7 sounds normal soooo...) "cards."  And these are going to make a great Sunday quiet "book"!!!  Plus reminder of the beautiful museum.

I'm pretty sure they were called cards by the the gift store but really they are pictures.  They came in a clear-ish envelope with a gold Carl Bloch sticker across the back.  Ask someone for help if you can't find them.

These gems were only $5 for the whole pack.  And they are great!!  On the front is one of the beautiful pictures Bloch painted.  8 of the 10 pictures are of Christ--hence one of the major reasons I love them for Sunday.  And these would be great to look at for young children.  I also love what is on the back.   There are scriptures, quotes and questions--making these cards fabulous for older children too because they can look up the scriptures and think about the questions.

I had ours laminated because I wanted them to last for awhile.  I placed all of them just in a quart sized ziplock bag.  You could punch a hole in a corner and then put them all on a ring.  Or in a (larger--or maybe the better term would be cleaner then mine) scripture case.  I was also thinking about a mini binder and put a couple of hole punches on the side.  I decided for me that I liked them loose because then they could be spread out and be able to be viewed by many instead of just one.

The 3 cards in the top left show the quotes/ scriptures...
Do you like our winter table cloth? :)

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