Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Break

Christmas break has been a busy but wonderful time!!  
Here are the highlights...

  • She got a new tooth
  • Visited with my grandparents
  • He scrubbed down the bathroom walls at my grandparents house--it is now at least 10 shades brighter! :)
  • Traveled up to Logan with my sister because she forgot her presents
  • While in Logan, we went to the Blue Bird cafe--same place while on our honeymoon!  (I even ate the same thing!)
  • Attended the Jordan River temple with my mom Christmas Eve morning!!
  • Mingled with my dad's side of the family at a Christmas Eve party
  • Sneaked upstairs to peek at the presents
  • Opened presents. :)
  • Enjoyed Christmas breakfast with Casey's family
  • Feasted with my mom's side of the family for Christmas lunch
  • Read all of our "Reindeer Notes"
  • Went to my parent's ward and rubbed shoulders with old friends
  • Bundled up and walked around Temple Square
  • She went bargain hunting with her mom and sister
  • Watched Star Trek
  • He worked on his server (the server was free!  It was donated to IS students.)
  • He rode the bus back home to reset the server and then straight back up to my parents house
  • He configured, adjusted and programmed the server
  • She doesn't understand why we even need a server
  • Decorated ginerbread with my sister
  • Made divinity  (Casey's *favorite*)
  • Kept doing laundry
  • Went to the temple again with my mom so we could listen to her play the organ while we waited
  • Shoveled the snow
  • Visited with a dear friend (former teacher of ours)
  • Ate way too many rolls at Texas Roadhouse at a family party
  • Traveled home safely!! :D  


Julie And Adam said...

Oh that divinity looks good!!!! That's one of my favorite holiday treats!

Jessica and Trent said...

I have heard of divinity, but have no idea what it is! Maybe you'll have to do a blog post on it sometime :) Sounds like you had such a great Christmas!