Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Three Kings Day!

As I child (and even today) we celebrate 3 Kings Day.  It is a Spanish holiday and because my grandfather was from Spain, it was a way to celebrate our ancestry.  The three kings come 12 days after Christmas and they are basically "Santa Clause."

Last night, you leave your shoe out and treats for the Wisemen.  They come bring gold (chocolate coins or gold dollars), frankincense (body spray/ perfume), and myrrh (lotion).  Growing up, the wisemen would always bring a body wash/ lotion set (after Christmas sale shopping!) and gold coins of some sort.  We would normally also get a calendar (again after New Year sales) and then some trinket/ play items.

We forgot to leave our shoes out last night... :(  But the wisemen still brought Casey a gift--which he will open after school.  This will be a fun way to celebrate my Spanish heritage with our children someday!

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