Friday, January 28, 2011

high school vs junior high

This past week, I have had the opportunity to go back to both the 
junior high and high school I student taught at.  
The kids reactions to when they saw me between the two schools were so funny! :)

High School
"What are you doing HERE?"
"Hey I thought you were done?"
"Since you know me, will you please not mark me tardy?"
...slight wave...

Junior High
"MRS. _______(fill in my last name if you know it--High Pitched SQUEAL filled with excitement) !!!!"
"I haven't seen you for SO long!  I have MISSED YOU!!!"
"How long do you get to stay??"
"Do you remember me?  I LOVED it when you were the teacher!!"
...running in the hall to come talk to me...

Is there any wonder why so many people fall in love with 
teaching junior high students???  


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

which did you like more?

Lisa said...

I honestly could be happy at either teaching full time. I like both for different reasons. But they are completely different experiences. I have ALWAYS *loved* high school and still do. But I learned to love Junior High JUST as much!!! :)

If I honestly had a choice--I don't know which I would choose. I love that the junior high kids still like you but I love that the high school kids can more take care of themselves.